Rose's Notes on the United States Supreme Court Reports (2 Dallas to 241 United States Reports): Showing the Present Value as Authority of All Cases Therein Reported as Disclosed by All Subsequent Citations in All the Courts of Last Resort, Both Federal and State, and in the Annotations in American Decisions, American Reports, American State Reports, Annotated Cases (American and English), Lawyers' Reports Annotated, English Ruling Cases, British Ruling Cases, Negligence and Compensation Cases Annotated, with Parallel References to the Above-mentioned Annotated Cases, the Lawyers' Edition of the U. S. Reports and the Reporter System, 도서 20

Bancroft-Whitney, 1920

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555 페이지 - COURTS. — a The United States circuit courts shall have jurisdiction of all controversies at law and in equity, as distinguished from proceedings in bankruptcy, between trustees as such and adverse claimants concerning the property acquired or claimed by the trustees, in the same manner and to the same extent only as though bankruptcy proceedings had not been instituted and such controversies had been between the bankrupts and such adverse claimants.
81 페이지 - ... shall be punished by a fine of not less than twenty dollars nor more than one hundred dollars...
423 페이지 - The government of the United States, then, though limited in its powers, is supreme; and its laws, when made in pursuance of the Constitution, form the supreme law of the land, ' ' anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.
251 페이지 - ... by inducing those who have made the contracts to violate the restrictions. The complainant invokes the established doctrine that an actionable wrong is committed by one who maliciously interferes with a contract between two parties and induces one of them to break that contract to the injury of the other and that, in the absence of an adequate remedy at law, equitable relief will be granted.
707 페이지 - All parties must be fully apprised of the evidence submitted or to be considered, and must be given opportunity to cross-examine witnesses, to inspect documents, and to offer evidence in explanation or rebuttal.
453 페이지 - The state courts have concurrent jurisdiction with the federal courts of causes of action for injuries to interstate shipments of live stock though such shipments are governed exclusively by federal law. Jackson v.
298 페이지 - In considering the subject from both of these aspects three dominant influences must guide our action: 1. The duty of giving complete and efficacious effect to the prohibitions of the statute; 2, the accomplishing of this result with as little injury as possible to the interest of the general public; and, 3, a proper regard for the vast interests of private property which may have become vested in many persons as a result of the acquisition...
705 페이지 - In the comparatively few cases in which such questions have arisen it has been distinctly recognized that administrative orders, quasi-judicial in character, are void if a hearing was denied; if that granted was inadequate or manifestly unfair; if the finding was contrary to the "indisputable character of the evidence.
223 페이지 - A classification having some reasonable basis does not offend against that clause merely because it is not made with mathematical nicety or because in practice it results in some inequality.
636 페이지 - Whether a particular act, contract or agreement was a reasonable and normal method in furtherance of trade and commerce may, in doubtful cases, turn upon the intent to be inferred from the extent of the control thereby secured over the commerce affected, as well as by the method which was used.