Nothing So Absurd: An Invitation to Philosophy

Broadview Press, 2003. 9. 2. - 208페이지

Written in clear, non-technical language, Nothing So Absurd is a succinct and accessible introduction to topics in the history of Western philosophy. In seven concise chapters, the author introduces the reader to the central topics within the discipline. In some cases (such as metaphysics and epistemology) he adopts a historical approach, while in others (such as ethics and philosophy of religion) the focus is as much on contemporary issues as it is on historical developments. In each area, he presents material of great intrinsic interest in a fashion that also provides a sense of the broad sweep of the discipline.

This book provides a fair-minded exposition of a wide-range of viewpoints throughout, and dwells, in its final chapter, on the virtues of philosophical realism, thus presenting the reader with the opportunity to engage with a direct philosophical argument. A guide to further reading will assist readers new to philosophy.


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Metaphysics The Nature of Existence
Logic Language Reason and Truth
Epistemology Knowledge and Doubt
Ethics Values and Virtues
Science Space Time Change and the Infinite 12 5
Religion God Evil and the Meanings of Life I 5

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Phillip Hoffmann is Associate Dean of Degree Studies at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, AB.

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