Transactions of the Bombay Geographical Society, 18권

Bombay Geographical Society, 1868

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lxviii 페이지 - Reports of the extent and nature of the Materials available for the preparation of a Medical and Surgical History of the Rebellion. B'y
82 페이지 - American war ; the Ashantee war ; the barbarity of the king of Dahomey ; and the government of Madagascar. He also said to him, "The reason I did not at first give you an answer was because since the death of Messrs. Plowden and Bell all the English and Franks who visited my country proved to
32 페이지 - of Koweit may dive along the Bahrein or Rass-ool-Khaimah Coast and vice versa. But no person other than the Coast Arabs is considered to have any right of diving. And it is probable that any intrusion on the part of foreigners would create a general ferment along the Coast line.
82 페이지 - Friend. Your patience in waiting so long for an answer convinced me of your worth, and now as you have happily established the renewal of friendship between my country and England, I wish you to carry to your Queen my Friend, and to her Council, my anxiety
82 페이지 - to spend in any manner he wished, " except in a way displeasing to God." These presents Mr. Rassam was obliged to accept as he was told that it would displease the king if he refused them. Twice afterwards the king gave Mr. Rassam a present of
lx 페이지 - was a seaport town about fifty years since. The wreck of a vessel of a size far beyond that of any of the craft now in use in the Gulf of
xli 페이지 - In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the
ii 페이지 - Observations on the influence of Forests, and on the general principles of management, as applicable to Bombay ; by NA Dalzell,
iv 페이지 - 1. Catalogue of the Library of the Royal Geographical Society, corrected to May 1851,
lx 페이지 - has every appearance of the sea having shortly withdrawn from it. This is supported by the semblance and production of the neighbouring country ; and large stones are found on

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