The Works of the Right Honorable Edmund Burke ...: Speeches and correspondence

G. Bell & sons, 1889

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472 페이지 - What's Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba, That he should weep for her/ What would he do, Had he the motive and the cue for passion That I have...
439 페이지 - There is one thing, and one thing only, which defies all mutation ; that which existed before the world, and will survive the fabric of the world itself; I mean justice ; that justice, which, emanating from the Divinity, has a place in the breast of every one of us, given us for our guide with regard to ourselves and with regard to others, and which will stand after this globe is burned to ashes, our advocate or our accuser before the great Judge, when He comes to call upon us for the tenor of a...
439 페이지 - ... if it should happen that your lordships, stripped of all the decorous distinctions of human society, should, by hands at once base and cruel, be led to those scaffolds and machines of murder upon which great kings and glorious queens have shed their blood, amidst the prelates, amidst the nobles, amidst the magistrates, who supported their thrones — may you in those moments feel that consolation which I am persuaded they felt in the critical moments of their dreadful agony!
469 페이지 - I do not think the congress have any wish to persecute General Burgoyne. I never heard till I received your letter that they had recalled him. If they have made such a resolution, it must be, I suppose, a conditional one ; — to take place in case their offer of exchanging him for Mr. Laurens should not be accepted — a resolution intended to enforce that offer.
197 페이지 - I am sorry it is not in my power to comply with your proposal of easing the prisoners for a few days of their fetters. Much as my humanity may be touched by their sufferings, I should think it inexpedient to afford them any alleviation while they persist in a breach of their contract with me ; and indeed no indulgence can be...
434 페이지 - And whereas to pursue schemes of conquest and extension of dominion in India, are measures repugnant to the wish, the honour, and policy of this nation...
472 페이지 - I tell you again, — that the recollection of the manner in which I saw the queen of France, in the year 1774, and the contrast between that brilliancy, splendour, and beauty, with the prostrate homage of a nation to her, — and the abominable scene of 1789, which I was describing, — did draw tears from me and wetted my paper. These tears came again into my eyes, almost as often as I looked at the description ; — they may again.
378 페이지 - To display the arts employed by a native on such occasions would fill a volume. He discovers the secret resources of the zemindars and renters, their enemies and competitors; and by the engines of hope and fear, raised upon these foundations, he can work them to his purpose. The committee, with the best intentions, best abilities, and steadiest application, must after all be a tool in the hands of their dewan.
297 페이지 - He began with urging as apologies, that whilst he was not certain of the extent of our demands upon him, he had no real interest in being economical in his expenses; and that while we interfered in the internal management of his affairs, his own authority and that of his Ministers, were despised by his own subjects.
491 페이지 - I were enabled to undertake it, you must have been ever the assistance on which alone I could rely. Let not this cruel, daring, unexampled act of public corruption, guilt, and meanness go down to a posterity, perhaps as careless as the present race, without its due animadversion, which will be best found in its own acts and monuments. Let my endeavours to save the nation from that shame and guilt be my monument ; the only one I ever will have.

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