The Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine, 1-2권

Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania., 1918

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19 페이지 - An act regulating the grants of land appropriated for military services, and for the Society of the United Brethren for propagating the Gospel among the Heathen, (a) SEC.
241 페이지 - Duty it shall be to enquire whether the Constitution has been preserved inviolate in every Part ; and whether the legislative and executive Branches of Government have performed their Duty as Guardians of the People, or assumed to themselves, or exercised other or greater Powers than they are entitled to by the Constitution...
190 페이지 - The fort consisted of cabins, block houses and stockades. A range of cabins commonly formed one side at least of the fort. Divisions, or partitions of logs, separated the cabins from each other. The walls on the outside were ten or twelve feet high, the slope of the roof being turned wholly inward. A very few of these cabins had puncheon floors, the greater part were earthen.
244 페이지 - That the people have a right to assemble together, in a peaceable manner, to consult for their common good, to instruct their representatives, and to apply to the legislature for redress of grievances.
178 페이지 - It is situated on the south, or west fork of French creek, near the water; and is almost surrounded by the creek, and a small branch of it which forms a kind of island.
182 페이지 - IN that building, long and low, With its windows all a-row, Like the port-holes of a hulk, Human spiders spin and spin, Backward down their threads so thin Dropping each a hempen bulk. At the end, an open door; Squares of sunshine on the floor Light the long and dusky lane ; And the whirring of a wheel, Dull and drowsy, makes me feel All its spokes are in my brain. As the spinners to the end Downward go and reascend. Gleam...
27 페이지 - O, boatman! wind that horn again, For never did the listening air, Upon its lambent bosom bear So wild, so soft, so sweet a strain!
184 페이지 - Indians, they being all out hunting; but those we have seen are of opinion that their brothers, the English, ought to have a fort on this river to secure the trade; for they think it will be dangerous for the traders to travel the roads for fear of being surprised by some of the French and French Indians, as they expect nothing...
66 페이지 - I DO hereby CERTIFY, That Daniel de Benneville, DM in the Pennsylvania Militia Hath voluntarily taken and subscribed the OATH of Allegiance and Fidelity, as directed by an ACT of General Assembly of Pennsylvania, passed the 13th day of June, AD 1777.
178 페이지 - In the bastions are a guard-house, chapel, doctor's lodging, and the commander's private store, round which are laid platforms for the cannon and men to stand on. There are several barracks without the fort, for the soldiers' dwellings, covered, some with bark and some with boards, made chiefly of logs.

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