The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1-11권;12권,파트 1-3;13-16권;17권,파트 1-2;18권;19권,파트 1-2;20-22권;23권,파트 1-2;24권,파트 1-3;25권,파트 1-2;26권,파트 1-2;27권,파트 1-3;28권,파트 1-2;29권,파트 1-2;30권;31권,파트 1-3;32권,파트 1-3;33권;34권,파트 1-4;35권,파트 1-2;36권,파트 1-3;37권,파트 1-2;38권,파트 1-5;39권,파트 1-3;40권,파트 1-3;41권,파트 1-4;42권,파트 1-3;43권,파트 1-2;44권;45권,파트 1-2;46권,파트 1-3;47권,파트 1-3;48권,파트 1-2;49권,파트 1-2;50권,파트 1-2;51권,파트 1-2;52-53권;56권;58-59권;62권;81권;83권;101-102권;118-121권;124-125권

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1893
Found also in the House Miscellaneous documents of the 52 to the 56th Congress./ Each number has special index. Inserted in each volume: Additions and corrections ... Washington, Govt. Print. Off., 1902./ Series 1,v. 1-53, series 3,v. 1-5, and series 4,v. 1-3 include "Alternate designations of organizations mentioned." /Vol 54-55 of series 1 (serial no. 112-113)"HAVE NOT BEEN PUBLISHED, AND NO MATERIAL FOR THEM IS IN HAND." cf. General Index, p. xi. Series 2,v. 1 (serial no. 114) with imprint 1894, was not issued until 1898./ Edited in the War Records Office, 1880-July 1899; in the Record and Pension Office, July 1899-1901 Robert N. Scott compiled and edited v. 1-18, 1880-87, and also collected the greater part of the material for v. 19-36, 1887-91. After his death in 1887 the work was continued by Henry M. Lazelle, 1887-89, and by a board of publication, 1889-99, consisting of George B. Davis, 1889-97, Leslie J. Perry, 1889-99, Joseph W. Kirkley, 1889-99,and Fred C. Ainsworth, 1898-99; from 1889-1901 edited by Fred C. Ainsworth and Joseph W. Kirkley. A digital reproduction made from a copy held by Cornell University is available from Cornell University's Making of America Web Site.

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ii 페이지 - Appropriations for continuing such preparation have been made from time to time, and the act approved June 16, 1880, has provided "for the printing and binding, under direction of the Secretary of War, of 10,000 copies of a compilation of the Official Records (Union and Confederate) of the War of the Rebellion, so far as the same may be ready for publication, during the fiscal year...
785 페이지 - FISK'S EMIGRANT TRAIN. Report of Col. Daniel J. Dill, Thirtieth Wisconsin Infantry. Headquarters Expedition for Belief of Captain Fisk's Emigrant Train for Idaho, Fort Bice, Dak. Ter., October 4, 1864. Captain: I have the honor to report for the information of the general commanding that in...
170 페이지 - I immediately dismounted and deployed Company G, Second Minnesota Cavalry, who skirmished through the timber and remained in a position to protect the working parties. I commenced by disposing of the various forces so as to destroy with the least delay the vast quantities of goods left in the timber and ravines adjacent to the camp. The men gathered into heaps and burned tons of dried buffalo meat packed in...
131 페이지 - River system, which virtually blankets the area from the Appalachian Mountains on the east to the Rocky Mountains on the west, and from the Canadian border on the north to the Gulf of Mexico on the south.
143 페이지 - You can imagine a basin, 600 feet deep and twenty-five miles in width, filled with a number of cones and oven-shaped knolls, of all sizes, from twenty-five to several hundred feet high, sometimes by themselves, sometimes piled up into large heaps on top of each other, in all conceivable shapes and confusion.
141 페이지 - Indians till we reached the plain between the hills and the mountains. Here large bodies of Indians flanked me. The Second Cavalry drove them from the left. A very large body of Indians collected on my right for a charge. I directed Brackett to charge them. This he did gallantly, driving them in a circle of about three miles to the base of the mountains and beyond my line of skirmishers, killing many of them. The Indians, seeing his position, collected in large numbers on him, but he repelled them,...
133 페이지 - ... did not come down until very late in the season, and Sully only reached the mouth of Cannon Ball river, at which point he was to establish a strong post, which was to be his depot of supplies, on the 7th of July. He established Fort Rice at that point, distant from Sioux City four hundred and fifty miles, and garrisoned it with five companies of the thirtieth Wisconsin volunteers. The Indians, who had been concentrated on and near the Missouri river about fifty miles above this post, had meantime...
305 페이지 - A few facts will convey some idea of this warfare carried on by confederate agents here, while the agents abroad of their bloody and hypocritical despotism...
171 페이지 - I should judge the camp to have numbered 1,400 lodges. I would report that after the work of destruction commenced the Indians carried a white flag on the bluff close to the camp. As I could not interpret the meaning at this particular time, I did not feel called upon to report the fact to you until I had accomplished the object and carried out Order No. 62. I have the honor to be, most respectfully, your obedient servant, RN MCLAREN, Colonel, Second Minnesota Cavalry, Capt.
143 페이지 - ... another, in all conceivable shapes and confusion. Most of these hills were of a gray clay, but many of a light brick color, of burnt clay; little or no vegetation. Some of the sides of the hills, however, were covered with a few scrub cedars. Viewed in the distance at sunset it looked exactly like the ruins of an ancient city.