Reports of the Supreme Court of the Territory of Wisconsin: For 1842 and 1843


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110 페이지 - ... any fact which clearly proves it to be against conscience to execute a judgment, and of which the injured partj' could not have availed himself in a court of law ; or of which he might have availed himself at law, but was prevented by fraud or accident, unmixed with any fault or negligence in himself or his agents, will justify an application to a court of chancery.
25 페이지 - An act to grant a quantity of land to the territory of Wisconsin, for the purpose of aiding in opening a canal to connect the waters of Lake Michigan with those of Rock river...
129 페이지 - That justices of the peace shall not have jurisdiction of any matter in controversy when the title or boundaries of land may be in dispute, or where the debt or sum claimed shall exceed one hundred dollars: and the said supreme and district courts, respectively, shall possess chancery as well as common law jurisdiction.
171 페이지 - common carrier" has, therefore, been defined to be one who undertakes for hire or reward to transport the goods of such as choose to employ him from place to place.
170 페이지 - Wilfulness was of course an essential element of the case to be proved, and the defendant insists that the evidence to prove wilfulness was circumstantial and that the court erred in refusing to instruct the jury on the law of circumstantial evidence. In nearly all cases intent must be inferred from the facts and circumstances of the case. The trial court charged the jury fully and carefully that honest mistake or good faith belief on the part of the defendant were complete defenses. He further charged...
81 페이지 - For all debts contracted by the master, owner, agent, or consignee thereof, on account of supplies furnished for the use of such boat or vessel...
67 페이지 - If when the cause of action shall accrue against a person he is out of the Territory, the action may be commenced within the time herein limited, after his return to the Territory; and if after the cause of action shall have accrued he depart from this Territory, the time of his absence shall not be a part of the time limited for the commencement of the action.
26 페이지 - That the two sections of land in each township herein granted for the support of common schools, shall be disposed of only at public sale and at a price not less than two dollars and fifty cents per acre, the proceeds to constitute a permanent school fund, the interest of which to be expended in the support of Common Schools.
140 페이지 - The repeal of any statutory provision by this act, shall not affect any act done, or right accrued or established, or any proceeding, suit or prosecution had or commenced in any civil case, previous to the time when such repeal shall take effect...
171 페이지 - CJ, that the action is maintainable, as well as it is against an innkeeper for refusing a guest, or a smith on the road who refuses to shoe my horse, being tendered satisfaction for the same.

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