Osler's "a Way of Life" and Other Addresses, with Commentary and Annotations

Duke University Press, 2001 - 378페이지
Sir William Osler (1849–1919) had a long and distinguished career as a physician and professor at McGill University, the University of Pennsylvania, the Johns Hopkins University, and finally, as the Regius Chair in Medicine at Oxford University. Over the course of his professional life, Osler gave many addresses—mostly to medical students—on medical ethics, medicine and the humanities, the relationship between the medical practitioner and the patient, and, as the titular essay makes clear, on the “way of life” he advocated for the ethical physician. He remains an inspiration to many contemporary medical practitioners; there are active Osler Societies throughout the world.
While Osler's talks were frequently published during his lifetime and they have been published individually and in different compilations since his death, none contain the over 1500 annotations that appear here, notes that serve to explain the many philosophical, biblical, historical, and literary allusions contained in Osler's writings.
This thoroughly explicated selection of Sir William Osler's writings will be cherished by physicians, medical students, nurses, philosophers, theologians, and ethicists in this—and future—generations.

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Oslers a Way of Life and Other Addresses

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Preface xv
To the Reader xix
Chronology of Sir William Oslers Life xxi
Aequanimitas 19
Sir Thomas Browne 31
The Old Humanities and the New Science 63
Doctor and Nurse 99
Books and Men 217
Chauvinism in Medicine 227
The MasterWord in Medicine 251
The Hospital as a College 275
The Fixed Period 287
The Student Life 305
Unity Peace and Concord 331
Lenvoi 349

Teacher and Student 107
Physic and Physicians as Depicted in Plato 125
The Leaven of Science 151
Teaching and Thinking 173
1o Nurse and Patient 187
After TwentyFive Years
Mans Redemption of Man 355
BedSide Library for Medical Students 371
Abbreviations 373
References 375

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Sir William Osler (1849-1919) was Regius Chair in Medicine, Oxford University, 1905-1919, and Professor of Medicine and Physician-in-Chief at The Johns Hopkins Medical School, 1888-1905. He was the author of numerous works on medicine and medical ethics.

Shigeaki Hinohara, M.D., is Honorary President of St. Luke's International Hospital and Japan Society for Medical Education.

Hisae Niki, M.A. is Professor of English at Meikai University.

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