Principles of Secondary Education

Paul Monroe
Macmillan, 1914 - 790페이지

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541 페이지 - Geometry. — The usual theorems and constructions of good text-books, including the general properties of plane rectilinear figures; the circle and the measurement of angles; similar polygons; areas; regular polygons and the measurement of the circle. The solution of numerous original exercises, including loci problems. Applications to the mensuration of lines and plane surfaces.
567 페이지 - It is recommended that each of the following courses be pursued in the spirit and by the methods suggested in the Report of the Committee of Seven of the American Historical Association on the Study of History in Schools.
541 페이지 - Definitions and relations of the six trigonometric functions as ratios ; circular measurement of angles. Proofs of principal formulas, in particular for the sine, cosine, and tangent of the sum and the difference of two angles, of the double angle and the half angle, the product expressions for the sum or the difference of two sines or of two sines or of two cosines, etc.
370 페이지 - Mid the sharp short emerald wheat, scarce risen three fingers well, The wild tulip, at end of its tube, blows out its great red bell Like a thin clear bubble of blood, for the children to pick and sell.
52 페이지 - As to their STUDIES, it would be well if they could be taught every Thing that is useful, and every Thing that is ornamental: But Art is long, and their Time is short. It is therefore propos'd that they learn those Things that are likely to be most useful and most ornamental Regard being had to the several Professions for which they are intended.
53 페이지 - LIVING ... it is again declared that the first and principal object of this Institution is the promotion of TRUE PIETY and VIRTUE; the second, instruction in the English, Latin, and Greek Languages, together with Writing, Arithmetic, Music, and the Art of Speaking; the third, practical Geometry, Logic, and Geography; and the fourth, such other liberal Arts and Sciences or Languages, as opportunity and ability may hereafter admit, and as the TRUSTEES shall direct.
370 페이지 - It's a horror to think of. And so, the villa for me, not the city! Beggars can scarcely be choosers: but still — ah, the pity, the pity!
53 페이지 - According to this document, the donors proposed " to lay the foundation of a public free SCHOOL or ACADEMY for the purpose of instructing Youth, not only in English and Latin Grammar, Writing, Arithmetic, and those Sciences wherein they are commonly taught ; but more especially to learn them the GREAT END AND REAL BUSINESS OF LIVING.
380 페이지 - English Composition. Each candidate will be required to write a short English composition, correct in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and expression, the subject to be taken from such words of standard authors as shall be announced from time to time.
62 페이지 - States, bookkeeping by single entry, geometry, surveying, and algebra; and shall employ such master to instruct a school, in such city, town, or district for the benefit of all the inhabitants thereof, at least ten months in each year, exclusive of vacations, in such convenient place, or alternately at such places in such city, town, or district, as said inhabitants, at their meeting in March, or April, annually, shall determine...

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