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Indiana Road Machine Co. v. Town of Lake....
Towns: Powers of town board: Purchase of road machinery: Town

orders: Validity: Stipulation: Foreign corporations: Validity

of contracts: Interstate commerce.
Iron River, Town of, Johnson v.....


consequent death: Causes of action: Joinder: Survival: Plead.

ing: Damages: Executors and administrators: Statutes con-


... 139

Johnson v. Town of Iron River....
Highways: Injury from defect: Negligence of town: Contribu-

tory negligence: Questions for jury: Trial: Improper statements
by counsel: Evidence: Instructions to jury: Appeal: Harmless


660 30

Johonnott, Jennings v....
Jones v. Hoffman....
Deeds: Construction: Reservation or exception? Intention of

Jordan Land Co. v. Freeborn...
Drainage districts: Organization: Who may petition: Corpora-

tions are “adult owners” of land: Statutes construed.


.... 189

Kaiser Lumber Co., Hammond v...
Keene, Hite v.....

207 Keilly v. Severson

251 Appeal: Review: Findings of fact: Vendor and purchaser of land:

Notice of rights of person in possession: Sale by administratrix:
Indirect purchase by her: Void or voidable? Equity: Who may
have relief: Specific performance: Oral contract of sale: Part

performance: Ratification. Kenosha, City of, v. Kenosha Home Telephone Co........ 338 Telephone companies: Franchises: Attempted grant by city: Or

dinance requiring free telephones: Contract: Consideration:

Amendment: Public utility law. Kenosha, City of, Laconte v.....

343 Kenosha Home Telephone Co., City of Kenosha v........ 338 Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western R. Co., Colle v..

96 Kiefer-Haessler Hardware Co. v. Paulus...

453 Chattel mortgage or lease? Writing construed: Tender: New trial:

Newly discovered evidence. Kilbourn City, Village of, v. Southern Wis. Power Co... 168 King, Habhegger v.

1 Kropidlowski v. Pfister & Vogel Leather Co...... 421 Torts: Joint wrongdoers: Release of one, when releases all: Writ

ing construed: Intention: Covenant not to sue. Kurath v. Gove Automobile Co......

.. 390 New trial: Constructive denial: When deemed an exercise of dis

cretion: Appeal: Reversal: Directing new trial.

Laconte v. City of Kenosha...

343 Municipal corporations: Death caused by insufficiency of sidewalk:

Condition precedent to action: Notice of injury: For whose
benefit action may be maintained: Nonresident aliens: Widow
of resident: Domicile: Evidence: Admissions: Appeal: Harm-

less error.
Lake, Town of, Indiana Road Machine Co. v...... 541
Lake Nebagamon Ice Co., State ex rel., v. McPhee..... 76
Laughlin, Bogue v...

271 Lemke v. Milwaukee Electric R. & L. Co...

535 Appeal: Harmless errors: Prejudice must appear: Special verdict:

Sufficiency: Omitted matters: Form of questions: Negligence:
Street railways: Injury to traveler on highway: Proximate

cause: Instructions to jury. Loosen v. Schissler....

449 Partnership: Loan brokers: Notice to partners of firm transac

tions: Mortgages: Recording: Priority: Settlement: What in

Lowrey v. Finkleston...
Deeds: Condition subsequent: Breach: Re-entry by grantor:

Equity: Remedies: Removal of cloud on title: Ejectment:
Agreement for personal services: Deed construed: Recording:
Constructive notice of condition: Mortgages: Accounting: Ap-
peal: Remanding case for statement of account.

.... 222

Malm, Williams v....

.. 330 Manierre, Carroll v..

...409 Martin v. Board of Directors..

19 Religious societies: Property held in trust: Title: Possession and

control: Diversion to other uses: Injunction: Incorporation of
society: Denominations: Independent or reformed church?

Trial: Findings of fact: Appeal.
McPhee, State ex rel. Lake Nebagamon Ice Co. v........
Menominee & Marinette Light & Traction Co., Cohodes v. 308
Menominee River Lumber Co. v. Seidl....

... 316 Waters: Title to bed of lake: Pourprestures: Accretion and relic

tion: Riparian owners: Right of access: Ejectment: Judgment. Milwaukee, City of, v. Beatty...

... 349 Municipal ordinances: Letting room for prostitution: Who is

"landlord:” Forfeiture: Civil action: Appeal from district
court: Person "convicted.”

Milwaukee, City of, Schmidt v......

... 367 Milwaukee County v. Halsey...

82 Constitutional law: Statutes: Construction: Repeal: Validity:

Special, private, and local acts: Circuit courts: Salaries of judges:
Classification: Requiring part of salary to be paid by county:

Uniformity in county government: Taxation.
Milwaukee Electric R. & L. Co., Di Benedetto v.... 566
Milwaukee Electric R. & L. Co., Lemke v..

535 Minehan v. Murphy..

14 Waters: Dams: Artificial condition may become natural: Lake or

river? Question for jury: Evidence. Minong Lumber & Lath Co., Peyton v...

66 Modern Steel Structural Co., Flynn v...

457 Mueller v. Rice....

548 Justices' courts: Appeal: When taken: Unlawful detainer: Un

dertaking to stay execution Breach: Failure to appeal: Re

citals: Estoppel. Mueller, State ex rel., v. Thompson..

488 Murphy, Minehan v....

14 Murtha v. Donohoo...

.... 481 Limitation of actions: Pleading: Claims against decedent: Con

tracts: Validity: Consideration: Oral promise to pay for serv-
ices by legacy: Breach: Measure of damages: Evidence.

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.... 106

Nitka v. Western Union Telegraph Co.....
Telegraph companies: Delay in delivery of message: Damages:

Mental anguish: Evidence: Sufficiency: Constitutional law:

Classification: Statutes: Validity.
Northwestern Fuel Co., Charron v..
Norton v. Clark...
Gifts inter vivos: Fraud: Undue influence: Mental capacity: Ex-

ecutors: Action by heir on behalf of estate.
Novkovic v. State....
Criminal law: Murder: Separate trials: Evidence: Confessions of

codefendant: Conspiracy: Instructions to jury.



.... 665

Olson v. Olson....

.. 248 Parent and child: Agreement to pay for past and future services:

Consideration: Entire contract.
Order of Columbian k’nights, Wilhelm v..

.. 585

Pabst, Shepard v.....

35 Paulson-Ellingson Lumber Co., Platteter v....

186 Paulus, Kiefer-Haessler Hardware Co. v.....

453 Peyton v. Minong Lumber & Lath Co.....

66 Corporations: Insufficient stock subscription: Management: De facto officers: Mortgages: Validity: Consent of all parties: Chat

tel mortgages: Filing: Actual possession: Logs and lumber. Pfister & Vogel Leather Co., Kropidlowski v.....

421 Phillips v. Holland..

524 Mortgages: Assignment: Foreclosure: Previous agreement for ex.

tension: Validity. Phænix Manufacturing Co. v. White....

287 Injunction: Contracts: Exclusive right to manufacture patented

article: Parties: New contract superseding former one: Hus-
band and wife: “Improvements" on patented machine: Right
to use: Estoppel: Trade-names: Restraining use of man's own

name: Unfair competition. Pizzo v. Wiemann...

235 Negligence: Unlawful acts: Sale of toy pistol: Death of user: Lia

bility of wholesaler: Intervening acts: Proximate cause. Platteter v. Paulson-Ellingson Lumber Co...

186 Master and servant: Personal injury: Complaint: Sufficiency:

Appeal: Order overruling demurrer: Exception not necessary:

Waiver of rights by answering. Pope Metals Co. v. Sadek....

394 Sales: Brokers: Bought and sold notes: Statute of frauds: An

thority of brokers: Adding specifications: Custom: Ratification:
Breach of contract: Damages: Duty to minimize: Place of de-

livery: World market.
Poynette, Village of, Bogue v......

271 President, etc. of Kilbourn City v. Southern Wis. P. Co.. 168 Public utilities: Discriminatory contracts are invalid: Evasions

of law: Evidence: Parol evidence affecting writings: Executed
contracts: Municipalities on same footing as other patrons: Fil-
ing schedule of rates: Recovery for previous services: Eminent
domain: Taking property devoted to another public use.


Radford v. Smith.....
Pleading: Counterclaim: Mortgages: Foreclosure: Agreement to

notify before bringing action: Validity: Consideration: Judgment: Variance from findings: Sale in parcels: Costs: Amounts paid for delinquent taxes: Appeal: Bill of exceptions: Costs on appeal.

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