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VOL. 148. Page 344, line 26. For W. D. Thompson, read J. C. Thompson.

4. For 98 Wis. 182, read 92 Wis. 182.

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Appleton Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Breakstone v..... 303

Barlow v. Foster...

613 (1-5, 13) Appeal: Review: Questions of fact: Verdict wben sus tained: Harmless errors. (6-11) Automobiles: Gross negli. gence: Unlawful speed: Instructions to jury. (8, 12) Special verdict: Questions submitted: Omissions: Waiver. (14, 15) Jury: Control by court: Urging agreement: Time kept out: Comforts

to be provided. Bauch, Dawson V......

144 Bayfield Mal Co., West v...

145 Beatty, City of Milwaukee v...

349 Biederman, First National Bank of Edgerton v.....

8 Board of Directors, Martin v....

19 Bogue v. Laughlin...

271 Taxation: Omitted property: Reassessment against executors after death of owner: Constitutional law: Evidence: Burden of proof: Notice: Waiver: General appearance before board of review: Tax as a debt: Filing claim against estate: Pleading: Counter

claim: Judgment against executors. Bowen, State v...

203 Breakstone v. Appleton Mutual Fire Insurance Co....... 303 Fire insurance: Mutual companies: Amendment of statute: Effect on policies: Assessments: Notice: Publication: Insufficient no

tice: Default in payment: Forfeiture. Brown v. Conners...

403 Master and servant: Injury to servant unloading vessel: Unsafe

working place: Changes incident to work: Assumption of risk: Warning of danger.

Brown, State v.....
Burdeau, Huntington v.

572 263


Cady Land Co., Francois v...

115 Camden Fire Insurance Association, Coats v......... 129 Camp, Griswold v.

399 Carroll v. Manierre ...

409 Landlord and tenant: Description in lease: Ambiguity: Intention

of parties: Estoppel: Trespass. Charron v. Northwestern Fuel Co....

240 Master and servant: Injury: Negligence: Fellow-servants: Loav

ing employment: Stopping to rest: Contributory negligence: Settlement: Release of claim: Rescission: Mental incompetency:

Voluntary payment to wife of injured person. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R. Co., Tidmarsh v....... 590 Chicago & Northwestern R. Co., Rowlands v...... Chicago & Northwestern R. Co., Walsh v..

119 Chicago & Northwestern R. Co., Yanike v..

554 Clark, Norton v......

4 Coats v. Camden Fire Insurance Association...

129 Fire insurance: Mistake in describing property: Correction in ac

tion at law: Evidence: Estoppel: Application showing title:

Falsity: Failure to attach application to policy. Cohodes v. Menominee & Marinette Light & Traction Co. 308: Street railways: Injury to passenger: Evidence: Res gestæ: Wit

nesses: Competency: Physicians and surgeons: Privilege: Damages: Instructions to jury: New trial: Newly discovered evi.

dence: Appeal: Harmless errors. Colle v. Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western R. Co......... 96 Appeal: Record: Curing defects: Co-operation of counsel: Hear

ing on merits: Delays not favored: Relief against mistakes, etc.. Terms: Bill of exceptions: Settlement: Extension of time: Mo

tion for new trial: Stay of proceedings: Judgment: Vacating. Columbian K’nights, Order of, Wilhelm v.....

585 Conners, Brown v.....

403 Curry v. Wisconsin National Bank....

413 Banks and banking: Pledges: Negotiable paper: Holder in due

course: Payment of consideration: Burden of proof: Larcenous pledge: Banker's lien: Right and duty of setoff: Application of payments.



Dawson v. Bauch.....
Mortgages: Statutory form: Foreclosure by advertisement: Stat-

ute construed.
Di Benedetto v. Müwaukee Electric R. & L. Co....
Street railways: Wrongful ejection of passenger: Special verdict:

Inconsistency: New trial: Evidence: Credibility of witnesses:

Questions for jury: Punitory damages.
Dietz v. State.....
Criminal law: Evidence: Other offenses: Murder while resisting

arrest: Intent: Previous acts and threats: Warrant: Instruc-
tions to jury: Omissions: Waiver: Change of venue: Prejudice:
Calling in another judge: Right of accused to try his own case:

Appointment of attorney.
Donohoo, Murtha v.....



194 606

Eau Claire, City of, Johnson v..
Eder v. Grifka
Husband and wife: Necessaries furnished to wife: Liability of hus-

band: Pleading: Appeal from civil court of Milwaukee county:
Judgment when reversed: Return of clerk: Appeal to supreme
court: Findings of fact: Presumption.

Pinkleston, Lowrey v.

222 First National Bank of Edgerton v. Biederman..... 8 Chattel mortgages: Filing: Mortgagors living in different towns:

Validity of unfiled mortgage: Actual notice. Fish, Russell v....

122 Flynn v. Modern Steel Structural Co......

457 Master and servant: Injury: Negligence of master: Permitting

customary use of unsafe methods forbidden by formal rules. Forest County v. United Surety Company of Baltimore.. 323 Official bonds: Construction: Breach: Liability of surety: Acts

done by virtue of office: County judge: Receiving money on

illegal claims against county: Action, by whom brought. Poster, Barlow v.

613 Francois v. Cady Land Co......

115 Deceit: When actionable: Opinions as to value of property: Stat

ute of frauds: Oral contract of guaranty: Pleading: Amendment:

Changing action from contract to tort. Freeborn, Jordan Land Co. V....


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Gager v. Stolle-Barndt Lumber Co......

154 Master and servant: Injury from defects in car received from rail

road for loading: Presumptions as to condition of car: Duty to

inspect. Gebhardt v. Holmes.....

428 (1) Cause of action: Legal wrong: Good faith. (2) Special ver

dict: Change by court: Questions not answered. (3-17, 23, 25,
26) Sheriffs: Duties: Liability: Arrest and bail: Custody of
prisoner: Jail limits: Escape: Deputies: Nonofficial custodians:
Agreement to produce prisoner: Validity: Statutes: Construc-
tion. (18–23, 27) Conspiracy: When actionable: Lawful acts.

(24) Foreign statutes: Pleading: Evidence. Gegenseitige U. G. Germania, Wolf v..

576 German Reformed Church of Peace, Martin v.. ........ 19 Gerretson v. Rambler Garage Co......

528 Master and servant: Negligence of chauffeur of hired automobile:

Injury to occupant: Liability of master: Sunday contracts. Gove Automobile Co., Kurath v...

390 Graham v. Graham...

.. 602 Divorce: Judgment: Interlocutory or final? Limited divorce from

bed and board: Power to make absolute.


354 330

Grand Lodge, Hermann's Sons, Jaeger v...
Grant, Will of: Williams v. Malm....
Wills: Execution; Evidence: Recitals in attestation clause: Pre-

sumptions: Testimony of witnesses long after event.
Green Bay Traction Co., Sigl v..
Grifka, Eder v...
Griswold v. Camp...
Municipal corporations: Injury caused by icy sidewalk: Duty of

city and of lotowner: Ordinance requiring walks to be sanded,
etc.: Failure to obey: Negligence: Liability.

112 606 399


Habhegger v. King....
Agency: Employment of physicians for person injured by automo-

bile: Implied authority of minor gon: Special verdict: Omitted


Halsey, Milwaukee County v...
Halsey, State er rel. Schultz v...

.. 551

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