To Grasp a Shadow

Janus Publishing Company Lim, 2007 - 279페이지
Events during both the Second World War and the cold war unfurl to reveal an intricate and dangerous web of espionage and romance in this fast-paced thriller that gives insight into the murky world of intelligence and counter-intelligence agencies. After Ronal Cameron leaves his simple candle-making and provisioning business for a visit to Russia, he mysteriously disappears, leaving his lover, Nina, and her friend, Rachel. Cameron’s wartime job as a Navy technologist has caught up with him, and when he finally returns to his home in Britain, he finds his life complicated in the most unexpected of ways.

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저자 정보 (2007)

Jack Gauntlett previously worked as a marine underwriter for Lloyd's of London. He is the author of The Company's Prophets.

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