Neue Bibliothek der schönen Wissenschaften und der freyen Künste [ed. by C.F. Weisse]., 44권

Christian Felix Weisse

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319 페이지 - Histoire générale et particulière des Religions et du Culte de tous les Peuples du Monde, tant anciens que modernes, par F.
316 페이지 - Galerie du Palais Royal gravée d'après les Tableaux des différentes Ecoles qui la Composent...
141 페이지 - The Death of Cain, in five books; after the manner of the Death of Abel. By a Lady.
146 페이지 - Rafpr, and illuftrated with Copper-plates. To which is prefixed, an Introduction on the various Ufes of this Collection, the Origin of the Art of engraving on hard Stones, and the Progrefs of Paftes.
133 페이지 - The interefl which the hearts of men take in the principal character of this tragedy, ftands thus in competition with the laws of the drama ; and it becomes a problem, which of the two, the means or the end, {hould preponderate.
308 페이지 - Habitans de l'Angleterre ; c'est a dire, des anciens Bretons, des Anglo-Saxons, des Danois et des Normands.
123 페이지 - PEGGY. But we'll grow auld togither, and ne'er find The lofs of youth, when love grows on the mind. Bairns and their bairns make fure a firmer tye, Than aught in love the like of us can fpy. See yon twa elms that grow up fide by fide, Suppofe them fome years fyne bridegroom and bride; Nearer and nearer ilka year they've preft, 'Till wide their fpreading branches are...
301 페이지 - Then, what are eyes, alas ! the brighte/t eyes. Forbid to languifh on a lover's fighs ? The pouting lip, the foft luxuriant bre.aft, If coldly fated never to be prefs'd ? Ah, vainly thofe like dew-clad cherries glow; And this as vainly vies with Alpine fnow 1 The breath that gives of Araby the gales, The voice that founds enchantment, what avails ? The Juno form...
123 페이지 - A dim of married love right foon turns cold, And dwindles down to none, as folk grow old. PEGGY. But we'll grow old together, and ne'er find The lofs of youth, when love grows on the mind. Our children, and their children, form a tie, Stronger in love than aught that we can fpy.
290 페이지 - The nuptial iîmper of the happy fwain! From thefe we turn to fcenes of higher aim, Where Eagle -Genius] foars to nobler game; Where Fancy, Reafon, Taste, in one conjoin'd, Unfold the workings of th'impaifiond mind.

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