The Six Days of Genesis

New Leaf Publishing Group, 2007 - 221페이지
Discover the five powerful truths within the phrase "In the beginning God'."Learn just how closely evolutionists and creationists agree on the division of land and water on the earth.Uncover the biblical clue to where energy came from to explore life processes on an earth without form and void.Explore whether there is any truth to the recolonization theory.Can we really trust Genesis as the literal history of the world? Many modern scholars and scientists would have you believe that you can't, but this fascinating expository study by Paul F. Taylor lays all doubts about the authenticity of the Bible to rest. Follow this spellbinding, verse-by-verse study Taylor takes you on from the Garden of Eden to the Fall to the Table of Nations.Many Christians are alarmed by the disappearance of true biblical teachings in churches and even in many seminaries across America and Britain, but this much-needed resource for teaching prospective clergy and professors will help to battle the disturbing departure from biblical truth. This exciting new tool is a wonderful aid for those who wish to defend against the evolutionary attacks leveled at them by society and sometimes even by the church.

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this book helped me so much to increase my faith,remove Genesis and the foundation is dead. all churches should provide this book to their members. easy to read and well done!!! 전체 리뷰 읽기

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