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409 페이지 - operation ever performed on man, which is contained in Genesis ii. 21: ' And the Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam; and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof.' In this remarkable verse the whole process of a surgical operation is briefly
408 페이지 - and Critical Commentary on the Old Testament, with a New Translation. By MM Kalisch. Phil. Doc.; MA
513 페이지 - of June, but it must also be so prepared as to require no material alteration or addition at the hands of the author. Resolved, that authors of papers be required to return their proofs within two weeks after their
519 페이지 - committee on etiology and pathology of cholera, made a partial report, and asked continuance of time. On motion, the report was accepted, and referred to the committee on publication, and the petition for continuance referred to
516 페이지 - on epilepsy; on the causes of the impulse of the heart, and the agencies which influence it in health and disease; and on the best substitute for' cinchona, and its preparations, in the treatment of intermittent fever,
126 페이지 - On the Comparative Influence of the Male and Female Parent upon the Progeny. By JB THOMSON, LRCS, Edin., Resident Surgeon, General Prison, Perth. THE following cases appear to me illustrative of a very curious and not unimportant chapter of anthropology, viz: " The comparative influence of the male and female of the human family upon their
463 페이지 - 5. That hectic, abdominal and thoracic complications act equally as causes of death in 13 per cent. of the fatal cases, and in 2 per cent. of all amputations. 4. That secondary hemorrhage is the fatal cause in only 9 per cent. of the fatal cases, and in 1.4 per cent. of all amputations.
465 페이지 - are causes of death in equal proportions, or in about 40 per cent. of the fatal cases; and in 10 per cent. of all amputations of the thigh. 6. That pyaemia is most fatal in amputations of expediency, and the least so in primary.
146 페이지 - This salt (Dr. Toland states), if applied to a superficial wound as soon as made, not a drop of blood escapes, and no pain results from the application. It acts by producing instantaneous coagulation of the blood, and will be found invaluable in hemorrhage from the mouth, nose and throat, when it is impossible to ligate the
465 페이지 - hemorrhage and traumatic complications, 5 per cent. each. 8. That exhaustion, pyaemia and hectic are equally fatal causes in secondary amputations, proving fatal in 25 per cent. each. Amputations of the leg.—1. That 37 per cent. are fatal. Pathological amputations, 7.7 per cent. Amputations of expediency, 66.6 " Primary amputations, 62.5 " Secondary

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