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MERRIMAN, S. W. J., M.D., Physician to the Royal Infirmary for Children,

London. PEDDIE, ALEXANDER, M.D., F.R.C.P., Edinburgh. PINKERTON, ARCHIBALD, W., M.D., President of the Royal Medical Society,

Edinburgh. PRIESTLEY, W. 0., M.D., M.R.C.S.L., late Vice-President of the Parisian

Medical Society. REDFERN, P., M.D., F.R.C.S.L., Lecturer on Anatomy and Physiology in the

University and King's College, Aberdeen. REEVES, C. E., M.D., London. REID, Robert, C.D.D., Dentist to the Merchant Maiden Hospital, Edinburgh. Simpson, J. Y., M.D., F.R.S.E., Professor of Midwifery in the University of

Edinburgh. Smith, J., M.D., Dentist, Edinburgh. SPENCE, JAMES, Esq., F.R.C.S.E., Lecturer on Surgery, and Assistant-Surgeon

to the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. STRUTHERS, JOHN, Esq., F.R.C.S.E., Lecturer on Anatomy, Edinburgh. SYME, JAMES, Esq., F.R.S.E., Professor of Clinical Surgery in the University of

Wilson, GEORGE, M.D., F.R.S.E., Lecturer on Chemistry, Edinburgh.

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Abel's chemistry, reviewed, 360.
ADAM, Dr A. M., contributions to teratolo-

gy, 241, 399. Adams, Mr J., on the prostrate gland, re

viewed, 273. Albuminuria in pregnant females, 168. Alexander, Mr J., case of popliteal aneur

ism, 434. Aliments, nutritive power of, 174. Almond oil, bitter, Dr Maclagan on, 11. Anatomy,surgical, Mr Maclise on, reviewed,

152. Anderson, Dr J., on the influence of bella

donna as an antidote for opium, 377. Anesthetics, Jobert on the action of, 174. Anesthesia, local, 460. Aneurism, injections of perchloride of iron

in, 65; Mr Alexander's case of popliteal,

434. Aorta, Stokes on, reviewed, 263, 347, 537. Army and Navy medical service, 385. Asiatics, their treatment of pregnant

women, Dr Wise on, 372. Athens, medical faculty of, 92. Aural surgery, Mr Wilde on, reviewed, 145. Aztecs, condition of, by Mr Reid, 119. Baillayer's special variety of insanity, 455. Balfour's botany, reviewed, 452. BALLINGALL, Sir GEORGE, lecture on mili

tary surgery, 551. Barlow, Mr, on the pelvis of the cow, 83. BARRY, Dr Martin, on the nucleus of the

cell, 518. Barth on the cure of gall stones, 457. Barthez on vaccination during the eruption

of variola, 456. Barwell on cholera, reviewed, 50. Becquerel on the influence of menstruation

on the milk, 170. Belladonna, an antidote to poison, by Dr

Anderson, 377. Belletti, case of worms in the ear, 70. BENNETT, Dr Hughes, on cholera, 77, 78; on the Torbanebill mineral, 83; on the sounds of the heart, 85; on obstruction of arteries, and pus in the blood, 178, 179; on the abortive treatment of small-pox by zinc plaster, 300; on the treatment of favus by a sulphurous acid lotion, 302; on transi

coincident with the passage of biliary calculi, 303; on the diagnostic value of the absence of chlorides from the urine, 304; case of ovarian dropsy, emptying itself through the Fallopian tube, etc., 306.

Bernard's researches on the sympathetic

system, 274 ; ou the passage of certain substances in the blood into the urine, 365; on the pneumonia following section

of the pneumogastric nerves, 366. BICKERSTETH, Mr, case of growth from the

Os uteri, 323. Bignon on tubercular perforation of the

stomach, 64. Biliary calculi, transient pains coincident with the passage of, by Dr Hughes

Bennett, 303; cure of, by M. Barth, 457. Blacklock, Mr, on the cholera in Dumfries,

291, 480. Bloxham's chemistry reviewed, 360. Blumhardt, on the use of collodion in burns,

372. Bonassis, case of placenta prævia, 169. Bones, exostosis of, by Mr Syme, 1; struc

tural examination of an exostosis, 7; growth of healthy and rachitic, by Vir

chow, 366, 458. Botany, Balfour's class-book of, reviewed,

452. Bouchut on cutaneous pulmonary fistulæ,

65. Boulard on antiflexion of the uterus, 165. Brain, gangrene of, after decubital mortifi.

cation, 456. Brown Sequard's sections of the sympathe

tic nerve, 279.

Callus, inner, formation of, by Hilty, 69. Cæsarian section, Professor Faye's case of,

167; Halder's case of, 168. Cancer, Paget, Velpeau and Druitt, on, re

viewed, 253, 286. Cartilage, articular, thickness of, Dr Red

fern on, 21. Cartwright, Dr, on the sounds of the heart,

85. Catalepsy, case of, by Dr Coldstream, 476. Cell nucleus, Dr Barry on, 518. Cellulose, vegetable, in the nervous centres,

by Virchow, 59. Chåmbers, Dr T. K., on the registration of

facts in pathology, 286. Chaumont de, Dr, on diseased wood, 184. Chemistry, Wittstein on, reviewed, 56; Abel

and Bloxham on, reviewed, 360. Chlorides of the urine, their absence diag

nostic of pneumonia, by Dr Hughes Bennett, 304. Cholera, Barwell on, reviewed, 50; conta

gious nature of, by Dr Traill, 74; progress of, 93, 389; contagiousness of, in Dum

fries, 193, 291, 381, 480, 568; Dr Cowan's Forbes', Professor, lecture on the study
case of, with alteration in the blood, 248; of natural history, 560.
infantile statistics of, by Dr Merriman,

GAIRDNER, Dr W. T., on waxy degenera-
Christiansen on hypertrophy of the spleen, tion of the liver, 186; on the cholera at

Dumfries, 194; on the pathology of the
Christison, Dr, case of spontaneous arte liver, 394.
rial occlusion, 180.

Gall stones, pains during passage of, by
Cilia, excitability of, by Virchow, 59.

Dr Hughes Bennett, 303; on the cure of,
Cod liver oil, action of, by Dr Glover, 171; by M. Barth, 457.

on the deodorizing of, by Sir James Mur Ganglion cells, Remak on, 362.
ray, 172.

Gintrac, Dr, on sulphate of manganese in
Coffee, effects of, on the economy, 171. hypertrophy of the spleen, 62.
Coldstream, Dr, case of catalepsy, 476. Glover, Dr, on the action of cod-liver oil,
Collodion in burns, the use of, by Blum 171.
hardt, 372.

Gore, Mr, on the logical relation of phy-
Colour, 'absorption of, from the skin of a siology to the physical sciences, 79.
Negress, 365.

Grieve, Dr, on the cholera at Dumfries,
Colour-blindness, Dr Wilson on, 37, 309, 193, 381, 568.

Guano in skin diseases, 170.
Conquest's outlines of midwifery, by Winn, Guillot on secretion of milk in new-born
reviewed, 550.

children, 168.
Corrigan, Dr, on fever, reviewed, 140. Gunsburg on gangrene of the brain after
Corson, Dr, on iodide of potassium an anti decubital mortification, 456.
dote for mercury, 173.

Guthrie, Mr, letter on the medical service
Cowan's, Dr J. M., case of cholera with of the army and navy, 385.
alteration in the blood, 248.

Hair, Dr Dalzell, on the colour of, 58.
Dalzell, Dr, on the colour of hair, 58. Halder's case of Cæsarian section, 168.
Delirium tremens, Dr A. Peddie on, 489. Hardy on local anesthesia, 460.
Desmartis, on guano externally in skin Heart, unusual sounds of, by Dr Bennett,
diseases, 170.

85; Dr Cartwright on the sounds of, 85;
Diarrhæa adiposa, by Dr Marston, 61.

function of the auricles of, by Skoda,
Diastolic mitral murmur, Dr Markham on, 156; experiments on the action of, 189;

diastolic theory of, 190; Stokes on, re-
Diaz, Dr L., case of abdominal wound, 70. viewed, 263, 347, 537.
Diploma forged, case of, 485.

Hernia, Mr Spence's cases of, 430.
Druitt, Dr, on cancer, reviewed, 253. Hilton, Mr, operation for prolapsus of pelvic
Dubois, on puerperal fever, 166.

viscera, 164.
Dumfries, on the cholera in, 193, 291, 381, Hilty on the formation of inner callus, 69.
480, 568.

Hippocrates and Bacchus, 293.
Dun, on veterinary medicine, reviewed, 549. Homburg, on the mineral waters of, by
DUNCAN, Dr M., on the duration of preg Dr Scott, 73.
Dancy, 230.

Hydrophobia, report on cases of, by Tar-
Dunsmure, Dr, case of lithotomy, 72.

dieu, 454; case of, by Niepce, 457.
Ecker on enlargements of the blood vessels Identity, personal, mistaken, case of, by Dr
in inflammation, 63.

Kinloch, 138.
Erichsen's surgery, reviewed, 269.

Inflammation, Mr Paget on, 44; Ecker on
Evans, Dr G., on opium in intestinal ob enlargement of the blood-vessels in, 63.
structions, 31.

Insanity, special variety of, by Baillayer,
Excretions, fat in the, by Dr Reeves, 201. 455.
Exostosis, Mr Syme on, 1; Mr Liston on Insect larvæ under the skin, by Dr Londres,

the minute structure of, 7; Mr Miller on, 371.

Iodide of potassium, an antidote for mercury,

Fætus within the placenta, Sargent's case
of, 168.

Jameson, Professor, death of, 486; bio-
Fat in the excretions, Dr Reeves on, 201. graphy of, 572.
Favus, treatment of, by a sulphurous acid Jobert on the action of anesthetics, 174.

lotion, by Dr Bennett, 302.
Faye's, Professor, case of Cæsarian section, Keiller, Dr, case of spurious pregnancy, 473.

KEITH, Dr W., case of excision of the knee-
Fearnside, Dr, on the treatment of diabetes joint, 328.
mellitus, 252.

Kinloch, Dr, case of mistaken personal
Fever, continued, Dr Flint on, reviewed, identity, 138. .

140; Dr Corrigan on, reviewed, 140; Dr Knee-joint, case of excision of, by Dr
Lindwurm on, reviewed, 140; puerperal, Keith, 328; by R. J. Mackenzie, 470.

Dubois on, 168.
Flint, Dr, on continued fever, reviewed, Lancet, the, and Medico-Chir. Society, 387.

Lindwurm, Dr, on fever, reviewed, 140.

Lister, Mr, on the structure of exostosis,

7; on a fibro-nucleated tumour, 84;

cancer of bone, 87.
Lithotomy, Dr Dunsmure's case of, 72.
Liver, Dr W. Gairdner on waxy degenera.

tion of, 186; Dr Sanders on, 194 ; on the

pathology of, by Dr W. Gairdner, 394.
Londres, Dr, on insect larvæ under the

skin, 371.
Lownds', Dr, cases of snake bites in Scinde,


Mackenzie, Mr R. J., on excision of the

knee-joint, 470; on cleft palate, 471.
MACLAGAN, Dr Douglas, on the oil of bit.

ter almonds, 11.
Maclise's surgical anatomy, reviewed, 152.
Macpherson, Dr J., on the Indian medical

services, reviewed, 271.
Manganese, sulphate of, in hypertrophy of

the spleen, by Dr Gintrac, 62.
MARKRAM, Dr, on the diastolic mitral mur
mur, 26; translation of Skoda on the

heart, 156.
Marston, Dr, on diarrhea adiposa, 61.
Massy on the examination of recruits, re-

viewed, 543.
Materia medica, Dr Pereira's work on, re-

viewed, 154.
Mayne, Dr, expository lexicon, reviewed,

Mazier, on rupture of the uterus, followed

by recovery, 165.
Medical reform, 195, 292, 383, 485, 569.
Medico-Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh,

reports of, 71, 175, 281, 470.
MERRIMAN, Dr S. W. J., on the statistics of

infantile cholera, 417.
Menstruation, influence of, on the milk, 170.
Microscope, Dr Schacht on, reviewed, 361.
Midwifery, outlines of, by Conquest, re-

viewed, 550.
Military surgery, chair of, lecture on, by
· Sir George Ballingail, 551.
Miller, Professor, on exostosis, 71.
Milk, secretion of, in new born children,

Guillot on, 165; affected by menstrua-

tion, 170.
Murray, Sir James, on deodorizing cod-

liver oil, 172.

Pathological Society of London, transac-

tions of, reviewed, 356.
PEDDIE, Dr A., on the pathology and treat-

ment of delirium tremens, 489.
Pelvic abscess, Dr Priestley on, 421, 528.
Pelvis of the cow, Mr Barlow on, 83.
Pereira's materia medica, reviewed, 154.
Perchloride of iron, injections of, in aneu-

rism, 65.
Physiological Society of Edinburgh, reports

of, 79, 182, 377.
PINKERTON, Dr, on the climate of Teneriffe,

Placenta, fætus in, 168; prævia, case of, by

Bonassis, 169.
Pregnancy, duration of, by Dr M. Duncan,

PRIESTLEY, Dr, on pelvic abscess, and the

fascia of the pelvis, 421, 628.
Prolapsus of pelvic viscera, Mr Hilton's

operation for, 164.
Prostrate gland, Mr Adams on disease of,

reviewed, 273.
Puerperal fever, epidemic of, by Dubois,

Puerperal arterial inflammation and ob-

structions, Dr Simpson on, 176.
Pulmonary fistulæ, by Bouchut, 65.
Recruits, examination of, Massy on, re.

viewed, 543.
Rectum, Mr Syme on, reviewed, 57.
REVFERN, Dr, on the thickness of articular

cartilage, 21.
REEVES, Dr, on fat in the excretions, 201.
Registration of facts in pathology, Dr T.

K. Chambers on. 286.
Reid, Mr, on the dentition of the Aztecs,

Remak, on multipolar ganglion cells, 362.
Reviews of Paget's lectures on surgical

pathology, 44, 253; Barwell on Asiatic
cholera, 50; Toogood's reminiscences of
a medical life, 55; Wittstein's practical
pharmaceutical chemistry, 56; Syme on
diseases of the rectum, 57 ; Flint, Corri-
gan, and Lindwurm on continued fever,
140; Wilde's aural surgery, 145; Maclise's
surgical anatomy, 152; Pereira's materia
medica, 154; Velpeau on diseases of the
breast, 253; Druitt on the modern philo-
sophy of cancer, 253; Stokes on diseases
of the heart and the aorta, 263, 347, 537;
Erichsen's science and art of surgery,
269; Macpherson's notes on the condition
of the Indian medical service. 271: Adams
on the anatomy and diseases of the pros-
trate gland, 273; Mayne's expository
lexicon, 273; Thompson on the patho-
logy and treatment of stricture of the
urethra, 336, 442; the transactions of
the Pathological Society of London, 356;
Abel and Bloxham's hand-book of che-
mistry, 360; Schacht on the microscope,
361; Siebold and Stannius' comparative
anatomy, 361; Balfour's class-book of
botany, 452; Massy, on the examination
of recruits, 643; Virchow's handbook of
special pathology and practice, 546; Dun
on veterinary medicines, 549; Conquest's
outlines of midwifery, 550.

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Natural history, Professor Forbes' lecture

on, 560.
Niepce, case of hydrophobia, 457.
Nucleus of the cell, Dr Martin Barry on,


Obstetrical Society, reports of, 372, 462.
Oil of bitter almonds, Dr Maclagan on, 11.
Opium, in intestinal obstruction, by Dr

Evans, 31.
Orfila, biography of, 87.
Orthopædic Hospital, 89.
Osteo-Sarcoma, Mr Spence on, 217.
Ovarian dropsy opening into the Fallopian

tube, by Dr Hughes Bennett, 306; rup-
ture of, 462, 465, 466; treatment of by
injections of iodine, 467.

Paget's Surgical Pathology, reviewed, 44,


Rheumatism, cerebral complications in, 64. Teratology, Dr Adams' contributions to,

241, 399.
Sanders, Dr, on waxy degeneration of the Tetanus, following uterine disease, by Dr
liver, 187.

Simpson, 97.
Sanitary and temperance song, 197. Thompson, Dr F., case of rupture of the
Sargent's case of foetus within the placenta,.,ileum, 475..

Thompson, Mr H., on stricture of the
Scarpa, the fascia of, by Mr Struthers, 405. urethra, reviewed, 336, 442.
Schacht on the microscope, reviewed, 361. Toogood's reminiscences, reviewed, 55.
Scott, Dr W., on the mineral waters of Torbanehill mineral, Dr Beanett on, 83;
Homburgh, 73.

report of Physiological Society committee
Seyfert, on albuminuria in pregnant females, on, 182.

Traill, Dr, on cholera, 74.
Siebold's comparative anatomy, reviewed, Trousseau on the evolution of the teeth, 60.

SIMPSON, Professor, on tetanus following Universities, how founded at home and

lesions of the arteries, abortion, and par a broad, 91.
turition, 97 ; on puerperal arterial infiam- Urethra, stricture of, Mr H. Thompson ou,
mation and obstructions, 175; treatment reviewed, 336, 442.
of ovarian dropsy by injections of iodine, Uterus, antiflexion of, a normal condition

before delivery, by Boulard, 165; rup-
Skoda on the functions of the auricles of ture of, followed by recovery, by Mazier,
the heart, 156.

165; case of growth from the posterior
Small-pox, abortive treatment of, by zinc lip of, by Mr Bickersteth, 323.

plaster, Dr Hughes Bennett on, 300; on Urine, on the colour of, by Vogel, 60; ab-
the influence of vaccination, 456.

sence of chlorides in, diagnostic of pneu-
Smith, Dr W., on a speculum oris, 333. monia, by Dr Hughes Bennett, 304; on
Snake bites in Scinde, Dr Lownd's cases of the reception of certain substances by,

usually retained in the blood, by Bernard,
Song, sanitary and temperance, 197.

Speculum oris, Dr W. Smith, on, 333.
SPENCE, Mr, surgical cases, 217, 430; on Varieties, 93, 198, 294, 390, 487,575.
cleft palate, 471.

Velpeau's treatise on diseases of the breast,
Spleen, hypertrophy of, by Dr Christiansen, reviewed, 253.

63; on sulphate of manganese in, 62. Vernois on the influence of menstruation on
Split palate, Mr Syme on the operation for, the milk, 170.

Veterinary medicines, by Mr Dun, reviewed,
Steele, Mr, on cancerous ulcer of the thigh,


Vigla, on cerebral complications in rheu-
Stomach, tubercular perforation of, 64. matism, 64.
Stokes on the heart and aorta, reviewed, Virchow on vegetable cellulose in the
263, 347, 537.

nervous centres, 59; on the excitability
STRUTHERS, Mr, on the fascia of scarpa, 405. of cilia, 59; on the growth of healthy and
Surgery, Erichsen's science and art of, re rachitic bone, 366, 458; handbook of pa-
viewed, 269.

thology, reviewed, 546.
Syne, Professor, on the pedunculated exos. Vogel on the colour of urine, 60.

tosis of the long bones, l; on the rectum,
reviewed, 57 ; on the operation for split Waxy degeneration, Dr Hughes Bennett
palate, 297; on excision of the knee-joint, on, 185; Dr W. T. Gairdner on, 186; Dr

Sanders on, 187.
Sympathetic nerves, Bernard's researches Wilde, Mr, aural surgery, reviewed, 145.

on, 274; Brown Sequard's sections of, Wilson, Dr George, on colour blindness,

37, 309, 411.
Syphilis, discussion on in the French Aca Wise, Dr, on the treatment of pregnant
demy, 161, 369.

women, by the Asiatics, 372.

Wittstein's practical chemistry, reviewed,
Tardieu's report on hydrophobia, 454.

Tea, effects of on the economy, 171.

Worms in the ear, by Belletti, 70.
Teeth, evolution of, by Trousseau, 60. Wound of abdomen and intestine, termi-
Teneriffe, climate of, by Dr Pinkerton, 123. nating favourably, 70.



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