Monthly Journal of Medical Science, 18권

Sutherland & Knox, 1854

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198 페이지 - The Science and Art of Surgery ; being a Treatise on Surgical Injuries, Diseases, and Operations. By- JOHN ERIC ERICHSEN, Senior Surgeon to University College Hospital, and Holme Professor of Clinical Surgery in University College, London.
318 페이지 - To me it is quite otherwise:—I see only two or at most three distinctions. These I should call yellow and blue; or yellow, blue, and purple. My yellow comprehends the red, orange, yellow, and green of others; and my blue and purple coincide with theirs.
373 페이지 - MD — Dr. Graves had first suggested that, in continued fever, with protracted pupils and coma, if an agent, administered internally, would occasion dilatation of the pupils, it might also relieve the other symptoms of cerebral derangement. Dr Anderson, acting on this theory, administered large doses of belladonna in two cases of poisoning by opium, which he related as follows : — " A patient of whom I had charge, and laboring under delirium trernens, having received an overdose of a solution...
374 페이지 - AM, when all indications of opium poisoning had disappeared. The woman was then sitting up in bed talking to the nurses, with pupils dilated to a little more than their natural size, and still slightly sensible to light. The extremities were quite warm, the pulse about 100, and of good strength.
236 페이지 - Unquestionably the ordinary term of uterogestation is that which we believe was kept in the womb of His mother by our Saviour Christ, of men the most perfect, counting from the festival of the Annunciation in the month of March to the day of the Blessed Nativity, which we celebrate in December.
114 페이지 - The special avoidance of painful and generally impracticable attempts at opening the mouth in order to swallow ; but sustaining the strength of the patient, and allaying thirst by enemata, or by fluids applied to the general surface of the body.
198 페이지 - DR. MASSY. ON THE EXAMINATION OF RECRUITS; intended for the Use of Young Medical Officers on Entering the Army. 8vo. cloth, 5s. MR. CF MAUNDER, FRCS OPERATIVE SURGERY. With 158 Engravings. Post 8vo. 6*. DR. MAYNE. AN EXPOSITORY LEXICON...
443 페이지 - ... as it does in similar conditions of the skin and mucous membrane in other parts of the body, and thus it becomes a useful adjunct to dilatation. " That the potassa fusa, as a caustic, is considerably more active than the preceding, and is therefore more dangerous of application. If used at all, it should be...
374 페이지 - The extremities were quite warm, the pulse about 100, and of good strength. She gave me a coherent account of her motives for taking the poison, of the amount of money she had spent in purchasing the laudanum, and the names of the druggists where it had been procured. She also replied sensibly to questions about her family, and the ages and occupations of her children.
500 페이지 - You begin with the tartar emetic ; you then add a little opium, and thus go on gradually increasing the latter until you cease to give the former, and use opium alone. Opium, if given in the beginning, will increase the congestion and bring on subarachnoid effusion. I treated a case of delirium tremens in this way too boldly, and the man died with subarachnoid effusion ; it was a lesson to me, and I would advise you to profit by my experience.

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