Lives of the Most Eminent British Military Commanders: Robert Lord Clive. Charles Marquis Cornwallis. Lieutenant-General Sir Ralph Abercomby, K.B. Lieutenant-General Sir John Moore, K.B

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green, 1832

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343 페이지 - During the season of repose, his time was devoted to the care and instruction of the Officer and Soldier ; in war, he courted service in every quarter of the globe. Regardless of personal considerations, he esteemed that to which his Country called him, the post of honour ; and by his undaunted spirit, and unconquerable perseverance, he pointed the way to victory.
342 페이지 - I hope the People of England will be satisfied! - I hope my Country will do me justice! Anderson, - you will see my friends as soon as you can. - Tell them, every thing - Say to my mother.
342 페이지 - I have made my will, and have remembered my servants. - Colborne has my will, - and all my papers.' Major Colborne then came into the room. He spoke most kindly to him, and then said to me, 'Anderson, remember you go to — and tell him it is my request, and that I expect he will give Major Colborne a LieutenantColonelcy. - He has been long with me, - and I know him most worthy of it.
95 페이지 - We have at last arrived at that critical period which I have long foreseen ; I mean that period which renders it necessary for us to determine whether we can or shall take the whole to ourselves.
343 페이지 - Moore, at an early period obtained, with general approbation, that conspicuous station in which he gloriously terminated his useful and honourable life. In a military character, obtained amidst the dangers of climate, the privations incident to service, and the sufferings of repeated wounds, it is difficult to select any one point as a preferable subject for praise ; it exhibits, however, one feature so particularly characteristic of the man, and so important to the best interests of the service,...
107 페이지 - I enjoy is granted to me. But to be called, after sixteen years have elapsed, to account for my conduct in this manner, and after an uninterrupted enjoyment of my property, to be questioned and considered as obtaining it unwarrantably, is hard indeed! and a treatment I should not think the British Senate capable of.
107 페이지 - Frangas, non flectes' — they may take from me what I have ; they may, as they think, make me poor ; but I will be happy. Before I sit down, I have one request to make to the house ; that when they come to decide upon my honour, they will not forget their own.
95 페이지 - ... the whole Mogul empire is in our power. The inhabitants of the country, we know by long experience, have no attachment to any obligation.
96 페이지 - ... possessions or jealous of our power : ambition, fear, avarice, would be daily watching to destroy us : a victory would be but a temporary relief to us ; for the dethroning of the first nabob would be followed by setting up another, who from the same principles, would, when his treasure admitted of keeping up an army, pursue the very path of his predecessor. We must indeed become nabobs ourselves in fact, if not in name; — perhaps totally so without disguise; but on this subject I cannot be...

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