The History of Mary Stewart: From the Murder of Riccio Until Her Flight Into England

W. Paterson, 1883 - 350페이지

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ci 페이지 - I have often heard the most serene Princess, Mary Queen of Scotland, discourse so appositely and rationally in all affairs which were brought before the privy council, that she was admired by all ; and when most of the...
xcvi 페이지 - I CANNOT tell what misliking of late there hath been between Her Grace and her husband, :he prcsseth earnestly for the matrimonial crown, which she is loth hastily to grant, but willing to keep somewhat in store, until she know how well he is worth to enjoy such a sovereignty...
clxxxiii 페이지 - I come on ! By God's Blood, they will murder both you and me if they can catch us.
cc 페이지 - Bothwel1's valet-dechambre, and noticing that his face was all blackened with gunpowder, she exclaimed in the hearing of many of the lords, just as she was mounting her horse, " Jesu, Paris, how begrimed you are !
6 페이지 - Majesty resolutely refused to sign these letters, he told her to rise from bed, and that he had charge to carry her to a place where he would give a good account of her to the lords of the country. Several times he advised her to sign, for if she did not, she would compel them to cut her throat, however unwilling they might be. This poor princess, seeing herself thus treated by her own subjects, and being without any of her domestics...
cxxi 페이지 - May God grant that she may lay to heart this fatherly correction, and that it may lead her to carry out with greater diligence the work which hitherto she has only begun, which all men hope and earnestly desire. Should any further intelligence reach me, I will take care that your reverence shall hear of it without delay.
ci 페이지 - ... their determinations. And, truly, her reasonings were so strong and clear that she could turn their hearts to what side she pleased. She had not studied law...
xxxvi 페이지 - Majesty's commandir.ent, either quick or dead, whatsoever she, or any for her, invent to the contrary ; and, as I have no doubt at all of her stealing away from me, so if any forcible attempt be given for her, the greatest peril is sure to be her's.* And if I be your Majesty's true faithful servant, as I trust your Majesty is fully persuaded, be your Majesty out of all doubt of any her escape, or delivery from me, by flight, force, or any other ways, without your Majesty's own express and...
xxix 페이지 - I do suffer her to walk upon the leads here in open air, in my large dining chamber, and also in this court-yard, so as both I myself or my wife be always in her company, for avoiding all others...
cxxxv 페이지 - Majesty would gladly should be stayed, but is very uncertain how it may be brought to pass. Her Majesty also told me that she had seen a writing, sent from Grange to my Lord of Bedford, despitefully written against that Queen, in such vile terms that she could not abide the hearing of it, wherein he made her worse than any common woman.

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