British India Analyzed: The Provincial and Revenue Establishments of Tippoo Sultaun and of Mahomedan and British Conquerors in Hindostan, Stated and Considered, 1권

R. Faulder, 1795 - 960페이지

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140 페이지 - That it shall and may be lawful for the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort William in Bengal, to frame such Process, and make such Rules and Orders for the Execution thereof, in Suits...
xi 페이지 - ... to a foreign phyfician and philofopher, who too haftily believed them, and afcribed to fuch a fyftem all the defolation, of which he had been a witnefs. Conqueft could have made no difference; for, either the law of the conquering nation was...
103 페이지 - Act or rules made thereunder, superintend, direct, and control all acts, operations and concerns which relate to the government or revenues of India, and all grants of salaries, gratuities and allowances, and all other payments and charges, out of or on the revenues of India.
ix 페이지 - ... by a fale of land, though not converfely $ and he always exprefles what we call property by an emphatical word implying dominion. Such dominion...
xxxii 페이지 - ... repeats to him, in any language with, which he is converfant, the chief canons of their faith, exacting from him a folemn promife to abide by them the reft of his life. This is the whole of the ceremony. The new convert may then choofe a Gooroo, or preceptor, to teach him the language of their fcriptures, who firft gives him the alphabet to learn, and fo leads him on, by flow degrees, until he wants no further inftruction. They offered to admit me into their Society; but I declined...
101 페이지 - Majesty may be pleased to appoint, of whom the two principal Secretaries of State and the Chancellor of the Exchequer shall always ex officia form three.
ix 페이지 - ... for nothing can be more certain, than that land, rents, and goods are, in the language of all Mohammedan lawyers, property alike alienable and inheritable ; and fo far is the fovereign from having any right of property in the goods or lands of his people, that even efcheats are never appropriated to his ufe, but fall into a fund for the relief of the poor.
xxxiv 페이지 - Legislature, no notice is taken of it fo as to correft the evil. I had the honour of prefenting to this Houfe a petition from a poor...
xii 페이지 - Indian prince may have no right, in his executive capacity, to the land of his fubjecls, yet, as the fole legijlative power, he is above control; I anfwer firmly, that Indian princes never had, nor pretended to have, an unlimited legiflative authority, but were always under the control of laws believed to be divine, with which they never claimed any power of difpenfing.
x 페이지 - ... without property (which, as he fays in another place, comprifes every thing that a man may fell, or give, or leave for his heirs] as mere...

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