Hearings [Judiciary]

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52 페이지 - A special term of any District Court may be held at the same place where any regular term is held, or at such other place in the district as the nature of the business may require, and at such time and upon such notice as may be ordered by the district judge.
18 페이지 - B. tu being the amount of heat required to raise 1 pound of water 1° F., and 12,000 B.
81 페이지 - Act, as amended (28 USC 631 ), the Director of the Administrative Office, under the supervision and direction of the judicial Conference, exercises general supervision over administrative matters in offices of United States magistrate judges, compiles and evaluates statistical data relating to such offices, and submits reports thereon to the Conference.
129 페이지 - ... criticisms directed toward this committee are not justified. I have been approached by numerous Members of the House who are wondering why the Coordinator's Office — they do not call it the Coordinator's Office any .more; we used to call it the Coordinator's Office, but now it is the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, and you are the Director of the Administrative Office which we originally knew as the Coordinator's Office — has increased. It was assumed we had to have a coordinator...
130 페이지 - (7) Such other matters as may be assigned to him by the Supreme Court and the conference of the senior circuit judges.
42 페이지 - ... that he wishes to plead guilty or nolo contendere, to waive trial in the district in which the indictment or information is pending and to consent to disposition of the case in the district in which he was arrested, subject to the approval of the United States attorney for each district.
21 페이지 - ... District of Columbia or the United States Supreme Court at the effective date of this Act, the court, if it be of the opinion that the provisions of this Act are applicable to the subject matter of the appeal, may apply such provision or may remand the case to the Commissioner or to the district court for the taking of additional evidence or a new trial or for reconsideration of the decision on the record as made, as the appellate court may deem proper. SEC. 48. Section 4 of the Act of January...
92 페이지 - Analysis by objects JUSTIFICATION Language changes None. Objectives Provision is made in this appropriation item for the fees of jurors and jury commissioners serving in the Federal courts. The mileage fees of jurors and the cost of meals and lodgings of jurors when ordered by the court are also payable from this appropriation. An increase of $30,000 is requested in the appropriation for the fiscal year 1949 to meet anticipated increases in the cost of juries during that year. General justification...
8 페이지 - ... increased from 1,161 to 1,366. Mr. STEFAN. I think it would be well to insert in the record the table on page 7 and on page 8. (The information is as follows:) JUSTIFICATION SALARIES, SUPREME COURT Objectives The appropriation here requested is to provide the necessary moneys to pay the salaries of the members of the Supreme Court of the United States, the officers of the Court; their respective staffs, as well as the Court's custodial employees. General justification As a matter of interest...
121 페이지 - THE REFEREES' EXPENSE FUND It is estimated that the proceeds to be paid into the referees' expense fund during the fiscal year 1950 will total $935,000, computed as follows : Referees...

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