The Dramatic Works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan: With a Biographical and Critical Sketch

E. Moxon, 1840 - 153페이지

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11 페이지 - I'll tell you what, Jack — I mean, you dog — if you don't, by Capt. A. What, Sir, promise to link myself to some mass of ugliness ; to Sir A. Zounds ! sirrah ! the lady shall be as ugly as I choose : she shall have a hump on each shoulder ; she shall be as crooked as the crescent ; her one eye shall roll like the bull's in Cox's museum ; she shall have a skin like a mummy, and the beard of a Jew — She shall be all this, sirrah ! yet I'll make you ogle her all day, and sit up all night, to write...
17 페이지 - Our ancestors are very good kind of folks; but they are the last people I should choose to have a visiting acquaintance with. ACRES. But David, now, you don't think there is such very, very, very great danger, hey? Odds life! people often fight without any mischief done!
13 페이지 - tis all I desire. Not that I think a woman the worse for being handsome; but, sir, if you please to recollect, you before hinted something about a hump or two, one eye, and a few more graces of that kind — now, without being very nice...
81 페이지 - When an old bachelor marries a young wife, what is he to expect ? 'Tis now six months since Lady Teazle made me the happiest of men...
84 페이지 - Oh, to be sure! she has herself the oddest countenance that ever was seen; 'tis a collection of features from all the different countries of the globe. Sir Ben.
89 페이지 - Agreed! agreed! And now, my dear Sir Peter, we are of a mind once more, we may be the happiest couple, and never differ again, you know: ha! ha! ha! Well, you are going to be in a passion, I see, and I shall only interrupt you — so, bye! bye!
89 페이지 - tis evident you never cared a pin for me, and I was a madman to marry you — a pert, rural coquette, that had refused half the honest squires in the neighborhood.
83 페이지 - I took you from ; but now you must have your coach — vis-a-vis — and three powdered footmen before your chair ; and, in the summer, a pair of white cats to draw you to Kensington Gardens.
98 페이지 - Ah ! Charles, if you associated more with your brother, one might indeed hope for your reformation. He is a man of sentiment.
10 페이지 - I did not expect it ; for I was going to write to you on a little matter of business. Jack, I have been considering that I grow old and infirm, and shall probably not trouble you long. Capt. A. Pardon me, sir, I never saw you look more strong and hearty, and I pray fervently that you may continue so.

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