Biographia navalis: or, Impartial memoirs of the lives and characters of officers of the navy of Great Britain, from the year 1660 to the present time; drawn from the most authentic sources, and disposed in a chronological arrangement, 6권

R. Faulder, 1798
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448 페이지 - Two cases involving the taking of property in time of war, on the claim that it was necessary in order to prevent its falling into the hands of the enemy, serve as illustrations.
308 페이지 - Peace was concluded shortly after Lord Howe's return from performing this important service; and in January, 1783, he was nominated First Lord of the Admiralty. That office, in the succeeding April, he resigned to Lord Keppel, but was re-appointed on the 30th of December in the same year. On the 24th of September, 1787, he was advanced to the rank of Admiral of the White ; and in July, 1788, he finally quitted his station at the Admiralty.
172 페이지 - Barflenr, which was immediately returned, and the action became general, but at too great a...
496 페이지 - America, as they ftTlf fo they ought to demonftrate, the higheft and molt pointed indignation agairut fuch daring and atrocious attempts to corrupt their integrity.— And, ' That it is incompatible with the honour of Congrefs to hold ' any manner of correfpondence or intercourfe with the faid ' George Jolmfione, Efq; efpe« ' cially to negociate with him • upon affairs, in which the caufe ' of liberty and virtue is interefted.
562 페이지 - In 1779, he was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral of the Blue, and having hoifted his flag on board the Royal George...
32 페이지 - At the general election in 1761, he was returned one of the reprefentatives for St.
78 페이지 - Spanifh fettlements, where they were obliged to put in for water, by which much offence was given to the Governor of the Havanna, and much injury done to the poor people, whofc cattle and hogs they killed and carried off in numbers without referve, -after they had hofpitably fhewn them where they might be fupplied with water.
175 페이지 - I would without hesitation have attacked the enemy, from my knowledge how much was to be expected from an English squadron commanded by men amongst whom is no other contention than who should be most forward in rendering services to his king and country.
555 페이지 - Maidftone, and propofed cuttingout the privateer that night, if captain Digges would let him have four boats manned and armed ; which he very readily complied with, knowing his abilities and refolution. The boats left the...
25 페이지 - ... very much tired and fatigued. " Dec. 21. At nine in the morning, the Emperor fent for the Captain and every Officer to appear before him-. We immediately repaired to his palace, where we remained waiting in an outer yard two hours. In the mean time he diverted himfelf with feeing a clumfy Dutch-boat rowed about a pond by four of our petty officers.

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