Memoirs of the life of sir Humphry Davy, 2권

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman, 1836

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288 페이지 - The swallow is one of my favourite birds, and a rival of the nightingale ; for he glads my sense of seeing as much as the other does my sense of hearing. He is the joyous prophet of the year — the harbinger of the best season...
290 페이지 - But what is that large bird soaring above the pointed rock, towards the end of the lake ? Surely it is an eagle...
51 페이지 - No ! my good friend, I never thought of such a thing : my sole object was to serve the cause of humanity ; and if I have succeeded, I am amply rewarded in the gratifying reflection of having done so.
283 페이지 - Angler, by Walton and Cotton. The characters, chosen to support these Conversations, are — HALLEUS, who is supposed to be an accomplished fly-fisher ; ORNITHER, who is to be regarded as a gentleman generally fond of the sports of the field, though not a finished master of the art of angling ; POIETES, who is to be considered as an enthusiastic lover of nature, and partially acquainted with the mysteries of fly-fishing ; and PHYSICUS, who is described uninitiated as an angler, but as a person fond...
403 페이지 - I value it,' he used to say with the kindliest exultation, ' more than anything I ever did : it was the result of a great deal of investigation and labour; but if my directions be attended to, it will save the lives of thousands of poor men.
58 페이지 - DEAR SIR, I had the pleasure to receive your letter of the...
406 페이지 - Some people say I ought not to accept this prize, and there have been foolish paragraphs in the papers to that effect ; but if the two countries or governments are at war, the men of science are not. That would indeed be a civil war of the worst description ; we should rather, through the instrumentality of men of science, soften the asperities of national hostility.
6 페이지 - In exploding a mixture of 1 part of gas from the distillation of coal, and 8 parts of air in a tube of a quarter of an inch in diameter, and a foot long, more than a second was required before the flame reached from one end of the tube to the other ; and...
159 페이지 - ... increased, and the undulations were feebler. At a smaller distance the surface of the mercury became plane ; and rotation slowly began round the wire. As the magnet approached, the rotation became more rapid, and •when it was about half an inch above the mercury, a great depression of it was observed above the wire, and a vortex, which reached almost to the surface of the wire.
291 페이지 - HAL. — Of this species, I have seen but these two, and I believe the young ones migrate as soon as they can provide for themselves ; for this solitary bird requires a large space to move and feed in, and does not allow its offspring to partake its reign, or to live near it.

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