Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1952 (Bureau of Internal Revenue), Hearings ... on H.Res. 494 ... Jan. 18, 21, 22, and 23, 1952 ...


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3 페이지 - Prepared by the President and transmitted to the Senate and the House of Representatives in Congress assembled, April 24, 1958, pursuant to the provisions of the Reorganization Act of 1949, approved June 20, 1949, as amended CIVILIAN MOBILIZATION SECTION 1.
2 페이지 - I have also found and hereby declare that it is necessary to include in the accompanying reorganization plan, by reason of reorganizations made thereby, provisions for the appointment and compensation of new officers specified in sections 2 and 3 of the plan.
1 페이지 - These offices will be the backbone of a modern streamlined pattern of organization and operations with clear and direct channels of responsibility and supervision from the lowest field office to the Commissioner, and through him to the Secretary of the Treasury. The creation of this new framework of district offices is a necessary step in carrying out the over-all reorganization of the Bureau. Plan No. 1 also makes it possible to provide a new framework of supervisory offices in the headquarters...
202 페이지 - ... (b) No suit, action, or other proceeding lawfully commenced by or against the head of any agency or other officer of the United States, in his official capacity or in relation to the...
202 페이지 - ... survival of such suit, action, or other proceeding to obtain a settlement of the questions involved, allow the same to be maintained by or against the Secretary or the Administrator or such other officer of the Department of Commerce as may be appropriate.
2 페이지 - ... and shall receive compensation which shall be fixed from time to time pursuant to the classification laws as now or hereafter amended except that the compensation may be fixed without regard to the numerical limitations on positions set forth in section 505 of the Classification Act of 1949, as amended (5 USC 1105) . SEC.
203 페이지 - TRANSFER OF FUNCTIONS There are transferred to the Secretary of the Treasury the functions. If any, that have been vested by statute In officers, agencies, or employees of the Bureau of Customs of the Department of the Treasury since the effective date of Reorganization Plan No.
3 페이지 - That it will furnish to the native inhabitants of said islands of St. George and St. Paul annually such quantity or number of dried salmon, and such quantity of salt and such number of salt barrels for preserving their necessary supply of meat as the Secretary of the Treasury shall from time to time determine.
66 페이지 - One of the chief handicaps to effective organization of the Department is the political appointment of Collectors of Internal Revenue and of Customs, and certain other officials. These appointments are regarded by some as sinecures. In any event, they form a bar to orderly development of an experienced staff.
3 페이지 - The provisions of the foregoing sentence shall become effective with respect to each office abolished thereby at such time as the Secretary of the Treasury shall specify, but in no event later .than December 1, 1952. The Secretary of the Treasury shall make such provisions as he shall deem necessary respecting the winding up of the affairs of any officer whose office is abolished by the provisions of this section. SEC. 2. Establishment of new offices. — (a) New offices are hereby established in...

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