Cardinal Manning

Methuen, 1892 - 284페이지

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158 페이지 - ... there is a dictate of nature more imperious and more ancient than any bargain between man and man, that the remuneration must be enough to support the wage-earner in reasonable and frugal comfort.
227 페이지 - ex animo" with an absolute internal assent and consent, that Protestantism is the dreariest of possible religions; that the thought of the Anglican service makes me shiver, and the thought of the Thirty-nine Articles makes me shudder. Return to the Church of England! No! "The net is broken and we are delivered.
104 페이지 - ... only in her boudoir. When she entered the saloon to welcome him, she seemed as calm as if she were going to an evening assembly. Nigel was changed. Instead of that anxious and moody look which formerly marred the refined beauty of his countenance, his glance was calm and yet radiant. He was thinner, it might almost be said emaciated, which seemed to add height to his tall figure.
69 페이지 - Whereas it is required of every person admitted to the order of deacon or priest, and likewise of persons admitted to ecclesiastical offices or academical degrees, to make oath that they abjure, and to subscribe to the three articles of Canon XXXVI., one whereof touches the Royal Supremacy : " And whereas it is now made evident by the late appeal and sentence in the case Gorham v.
57 페이지 - That, inasmuch as the faith is one and rests upon one principle of authority, the conscious, deliberate, and wilful abandonment of the essential meaning of an article of the Creed destroys the divine foundation upon which alone the entire faith is propounded by the Church.
134 페이지 - ... private judgment, but may be most difficult to maintain logically in the face of historical facts. " What have we done to be treated as the faithful never were treated before ? When has a definition de fide been a luxury of devotion and not a stern painful necessity?
57 페이지 - Eolls. 1. That whatever at the present time be the force of the sentence delivered on appeal in the case of Gorham v. the Bishop of Exeter, the Church of England will eventually be bound by the said sentence, unless it shall openly and expressly reject the erroneous doctrine sanctioned thereby.
31 페이지 - I did not like either the 1 The door was opened by one of those young men, then members of the quasi-monastic community, who had to convey to the archdeacon the unpleasant communication that Newman declined to see him. So anxious was the young man to cover the slight, and to minimise its effect, that he walked away from the door with the archdeacon, bareheaded as he was, and had covered half the way to Oxford before he turned back, unaware, as was his companion, of his unprotected state under a November...
181 페이지 - Question,' as we call it, by a somewhat heartless euphemism, means hunger, thirst, nakedness, notice to quit, labour spent in vain, the toil of years seized upon, the breaking up of homes, the miseries, sicknesses, deaths of parents, children, wives ; the despair and wildness which spring up in the hearts of the poor when legal force, like a sharp harrow, goes over the most sensitive and vital rights of mankind. All this is contained in the land question.
36 페이지 - If any man will look down along the line of early English history, he will see a standing contest between the rulers of this land and the bishops of Rome. The Crown and Church of England, with a steady opposition, resisted the entrance and encroachment of the secularized ecclesiastical power of the Pope in England.

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