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214 페이지 - Cocaine may be toxic, sometimes deadly, in large doses. It may give rise to dangerous, or even fatal symptoms, in doses usually deemed safe. The danger, near and remote, is greatest when given under the skin. It may produce a diseased condition — in which the will is prostrate and the patient powerless — a true toxic neurosis, more marked and less hopeful than that from alcohol or opium.
129 페이지 - ... more palatable. A minute or two before the milky mess is placed before the child, or invalid, the maltine should be added. If a certain portion of baked flour, no matter in what concrete form, were added to plain milk, and some maltine mixed with it, before it is placed on the nursery table, we should hear much less of infantile indigestion and mal-nutrition.
1 페이지 - ... preparations, ending with Carnrick's, has been announced. Carnrick's food contains a large percentage of the solid constituents of milk, the casein of which has been partially digested so as to resemble the casein of human milk in its behavior under the digestive ferment. The other ingredient is stated to be wheat flour subjected to prolonged baking, so that its starch is to a considerable extent converted into dextrine. This food has the advantage of easy preparation in the nursery and easy...
380 페이지 - Roberts has shown in his explanation of the popularity of tea and coffee, it is more than doubtful whether any such effect is in reality produced. When ingested during meals, water may do good by washing out the digested food and by exposing the undigested part more thoroughly to the action of the digestive ferments.
380 페이지 - The tubular contracted stomach, with its puckered mucous lining and viscid contents, a normal condition in the morning before breakfast, is not suitable to receive food. Exercise before partaking of a meal stimulates the circulation of the blood and facilitates the flow of blood through the vessels. A glass of water washes out the mucus, partially distends the stomach, wakes up peristalsis, and prepares the alimentary canal for the morning meal. Observation has shown that non-irritating liquids pass...
129 페이지 - But, as Dr. Roberts points out, in order to make this ferment operative it must not be taken after a meal is over. Rather it should be added to the various forms of milk porridge or puddings before they are taken into the mouth. About this there exists no difficulty. Maltine is a molasseslike matter and mixes readily with the milk, gruel, etc., without interfering either with its .attractiveness in appearance or its toothsomeness ; indeed, its sweet taste renders the gruel, etc., more palatable.
57 페이지 - ... contains very clear and accurate topographical plates of the Venous, Arterial and Nervous Systems, photoengraved from the English cuts in Gray's Anatomy. This makes the work especially of value to accompany the surgical case of any practitioner that is doing much work in this line, who may wish at his hand a " regional reminder" of the placement of arteries and veins that he may wish to avoid in making his incisions.
213 페이지 - And I am positive, from cases under my care, that he is correct. I think it, for many — notably the large and enlarging number of opium and alcohol habitues — the most fascinating and seductive, dangerous and destructive, drug extant ; and, while admitting its great value in various disordered conditions, earnestly warn all against its careless giving in these cases, and especially insist on the great danger of self-injecting, a course almost certain to entail added ill. To...
326 페이지 - Philadelphia), desires to obtain results of the new treatment of pulmonary consumption and phthisis by gaseous enemata, for publication in The Polyclinic. The correct therapeutic value of this method can only be arrived at by the collection of statistics, and he therefore requests any one who has administered the gas to communicate the result to him, the formula used, and any special information that may be useful.
183 페이지 - W. Taylor, AM, MD, Clinical Professor of Genito-Urinary Diseases in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York.

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