A New Account of East-India and Persia, in Eight Letters: Being Nine Years Travels Begun 1672 and Finished 1681 : Containing Observations Made of the Moral, Natural and Artifical Estate of Those Countries ...

R.R., 1698 - 427페이지
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408 페이지 - Winter (when they rarely stir) they have a mumjuma, or Wax-cloth to throw over it. Those for Journeying are something stronger than those for the Merchants to ride about the City or to take the Air on ; which with their nimble Oxen they will, when they meet in the Fields, run Races on, and contend for the Garland as much as for an Olympick Prize ; which is a Diversion, To see a Cow gallop, as we say in scorn ; but these not only pluck up their Heels apace, but are taught to amble, they often riding...
66 페이지 - At meals he has his trumpets usher in his courses and soft music at the table. If he move out of his chamber, the Silver Staves wait on him ; if downstairs the guard receive him ; if he go abroad, the Bandarines and Moors, under two standards, march before him.
36 페이지 - He never goes abroad without fifes, drums, trumpets, and a flag with two balls in a red field; accompanied with his Council and Factors on horseback, with their Ladies in paleukeens.
83 페이지 - ... for prying too nearly into their actions : Though the Company, to encourage young men in their service, maintain a master to learn them to write and read the language, and an annuity to be annexed when they gain a perfection therein, which few attempt, and fewer attain.
82 페이지 - Boys also have been entertained under Notion of Apprentices for Seven Years, which being expired, if they can get Security, they are capable of Employments.
41 페이지 - Thomas is a City that formerly for Riches, Pride and Luxury was second to none in India ; but since, by the mutability of Fortune, it has abated much of its adored Excellencies. ' The Sea on one side greets its Marble * Walls ; on the other a Chain of Hills intercepts the Violence of the inflaming Heat ; one of which, called St. Thomas his Mount, is famous for his Sepulture (in Honour of whom a Chappell is dedicated, the Head Priest of which was once the Metropolitan Bishop of India), and.
84 페이지 - Calicut for spice, ambergreez, granats, opinm, with salt petre, and no cloth, though it give the name of Calicut to all in India, it being the first port from whence they were known to be brought into Europe : All which, after the Europe ships have unladen at Surat, they go down to fetch ; and bring up time enough before the Caffilas out of the country come in with their wares. The...
139 페이지 - Sword, and by breathing a Vein, let shitan (the Devil) out, who was crept into their Fancies, and led them as they do a startling Jade, to smell to what their Wall-Eyes represented amiss ; where we found an Host of Flies, the Subject both of our Fear and Wonder, which the sultry Heat and Moisture had generated into Being, the certain Prodromus of the ejisuing Rain, which follow'd ifi from the Hills.
xvi 페이지 - Deities, Castor and Pollux, or the same it may be gave light to those fables, they boding fair weather to seamen, though never seen but in storms, looking like a candle in a dark lanthorn, of which there were divers here and there above the sails and...
36 페이지 - ... the sea. From the first point a curtain is drawn with a parapet; beneath it are two gates, and sally ports to each for to enter Maderas ; over the gates five guns run out their muzzels, and two more within them on the ground.

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