Ayeen Akbery; or, the institutes of the Emperor Akber: Translated from the original Persian by Francis Gladwin. In two volumes. ...

printed by G. Auld, for J. Sewell; Vernor and Hood; J. Cuthell; J. Walker; Otridge and Son [and 4 others in London], 1800

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163 페이지 - The salutation, called taslim, consists in placing the back of the right hand on the ground, and then raising it gently till the person stands erect, when he puts the palm of his hand upon the crown of his head, which pleasing manner of saluting signifies that he is ready to give himself as an offering.
294 페이지 - For the above purpofe, having formed an aggregate of the rates of collection from the commencement of the fifteenth year of the reign to the twenty-fourth, inclufive, they took a tenth part of that total as the annual rate for ten years to come. From the twentieth to the twenty-fourth year, the collections were made upon grounds of certainty ; but the five former ones were taken from the reprefentations of perfons of integrity; and, moreover, during that period the harvests were uncommonly plentiful,...
xiv 페이지 - It will shew where the measures of their administration approached to the first principles, which, perhaps, will be found superior to any that have been built on their ruins, and certainly most easy, as the most familiar to the minds of the people, and when any deviation from them may be likely to counteract, or to assimilate with...
iii 페이지 - Ayeen Akbery, or the Institutes of the Emperor Akber. Translated from the original Persian, by Francis Gladwin.
125 페이지 - ... and across it are four iron spikes with katasses and iron knobs. There are other chains with iron spikes and knobs hung under the throat and over the breast, and others fastened to the trunk ; these are for ornament, and to frighten horses. Pakher is a kind of steel armour that covers the body of the elephant : there are other pieces of it for the head and proboscis. Gejjhemp is a covering made of three folds, and is laid over the pakher.
229 페이지 - He difapproves of exceflive kabeens *, or marriage-fettlements, which probably were inftituted to increale the dread of feparation. He does not approve of a man's having more than one wife, nor of a young man's marrying an old woman. He has appointed two difinterefted perfons, one to afcertain the condition of the men, and the other to inform himfelf of the rank of the women. They are both called towee beghy; and fometimes both offices are executed by the fame perfon.
125 페이지 - Five plates of iron, each one cubit long and four fingers broad, are joined together by rings, and fastened round the ears of the elephant by four chains, each an ell in length ; and betwixt these another chain passes over the head and is fastened in the keliaweh ; and across it are four iron spikes with katasses and iron knobs.
115 페이지 - That called murg has a whiter ikin. (kin, with moles ; and its eyes are of a mixture of red, yellow, black, and white. That called mirh has a fmall head, and is eafily brought under command : its colour is a mixture of white and black, refembling fmoke ; and from mixtures of the above kinds are formed others of different names and properties.
293 페이지 - When, through His Majesty's prudent management, the bounds of the empire were greatly enlarged, it was found very difficult to procure the current prices every year from all parts of the kingdom ; and the delays that this occasioned in making the settlements, were productive of many inconveniences.
222 페이지 - Silver, tin, linen cloths, lead, dried fruits, fofame-oil, and pot-herbs : and, on this occafion, the feftival of Salgeerah is celebrated ; and donations are beftowed upon people of all ranks. The king's fons and grandfons are weighed once a year, on the folar anniverfary of their...

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