Behar (Patna city) and Shahabad

W. H. Allen and Company, 1838

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434 페이지 - This occupies a part of the table land, about four miles from east to west, and five miles from north to south ; but RUINS AND EXTENT OF THE FORTRESS.
454 페이지 - ... the Mediterranean, at an altitude of 2,260 feet, at the western end of the exceedingly fertile plain of the Ghuta (a hollow sheltered by hills and watered by the Barada and the Awaj), along the principal branch of the Barada (" Abana," II Kings v. 12; Gk. Chrysorrhoas). It is about a mile in length from east to west and half a mile from north to south, with a suburb of continuous buildings on the south nearly a mile in extent, thus presenting in contour the shape of a mallet with its handle....
36 페이지 - Baikunthapur, about 1 1 miles farther west and nine miles farther east than the boundaries which I have assigned. A plan made by a native assistant will show the subdivisions and explain my meaning. The city within the walls is rather more than a mile and a half from east to west, (as may be seen by the plan in the Bengal Atlas, No. 15), extends three quarters of a mile north and south, and is exceedingly closely built. Many of the houses are built of brick, more however are built of mud with tiled...
xii 페이지 - The annual drain of £ 3,000,000 on British India has amounted in thirty years, at 12 per cent, (the usual Indian rate) compound interest to the enormous sum of £ 723,900,000 sterling So constant and accumulating a drain, even in England, would soon impoverish her.
xii 페이지 - So constant and accumulating a drain even on England would soon impoverish her; how severe then must be its effects on India, where the wages of a labourer is from two pence to three pence a day?
viii 페이지 - The Governor General in Council is of opinion that these inquiries should commence in the district of Rungpur, and that from thence you should proceed to the westward through each district on the north side of the Ganges, until you reach the western boundary of the Honourable Company's provinces. You will then proceed towards the south and east, until you have examined all the districts on the south side of the great river, and afterwards proceed to Dacca, and the other districts towards the eastern...
350 페이지 - But there are many women who spin assiduously, and who have no interruptions from husband or children, and these make much more, especially where the thread is fine ; there being no sort of comparison between the reward allowed for such, and that given to those who spin coarse thread. As the demand, therefore, for fine goods has been for some years constantly diminishing, the women have suffered very much.
40 페이지 - These with the roads and a few miserable brick bridges are all the public works that I have seen, except those dedicated to. religion. In the middle of the city the Roman Catholics have a church, the best looking building in the place. Near it is the common grave of the English who were treacherously murdered by the orders of Kasem AH before his final overthrow ; it is covered by a pillar of the most uncouth form, built partly of stone, partly of brick. There are many...
324 페이지 - Had his estates been let for a money rent, they might, with his prudence, have been managed entirely by his stewards without loss, and the tenants would have had no cause for complaint, while the rent would have been a stimulus to industry ; nor is there the smallest reason to think that the Rajd is in the least inclined to oppress his own tenants.
91 페이지 - ... ditch has been enormous. It is now entirely cultivated, and small canals wind (through it; but, where most entire, on the east face of the fort, it would seem to have been about 600 feet wide; and on the west side, where narrowest, its width does not appear to have been less than 400 feet. The extent of the heaps of brick within the fort shows, that it has contained many large buildings of that material, but no traces of their particular form remain. It is however probable, that they all belonged...

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