Publications of the Navy Records Society, 32권

George Allen & Unwin, 1907

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vi 페이지 - SOCIETY desire it to be understood that they are not answerable for any opinions or observations that may appear in the Society's publications; the Editors of the several Works being alone responsible for the same.
259 페이지 - I have no doubt but considerable aids may be drawn hence, for your army, unless a larger one should be embodied in the South, than the force of the enemy there seems to call for.
124 페이지 - ... an unkind or an ungenerous one. Let me be allowed to bear my feeble testimony to your temperate use of this charming faculty, so delightful in itself, but which can only be safely trusted in such hands as yours, where it is guarded by politeness, and directed by humanity.
293 페이지 - I never hear the expression but I turn pale and sink. My God, what have your great people done by such an appointment.
161 페이지 - I am confident we should have had twenty sail of the line before dark ; instead of that, he pursued only under his topsails, the greatest part of the afternoon, though the flying enemy had all the sail set their very shattered state would allow.
114 페이지 - I judged it improper to dare the enemy to battle any longer, not having the least prospect of beating a fleet of twenty-four sail of the line of capital ships ; and knowing the consequence of my being beaten would probably be the loss of all his Majesty's possessions in this country, I thought it my indispensable duty to bear up, and made the signal for it at 8 o'clock.
371 페이지 - Esq. rear admiral of the red, and commander in chief of his majesty's ships and vessels employed and to be employed in the river St.
liii 페이지 - Ternay, of whose arrival and taking possession of Rhode Island I had been assured by a captain of an American vessel. As it plainly appeared to me that His Majesty's territories, fleet and army in America were in imminent danger of being overpowered by the superior force of the public enemy, I deemed it a duty incumbent on me to forego any emoluments that might have accrued to myself by the enterprise intended by General Vaughan and myself...
329 페이지 - ... the present person is brave, generous, and may perhaps have been a good officer ; but he is wholly debilitated in his faculties, his memory and judgment lost, wavering and indetermined in everything.
330 페이지 - Recollect some of these passages ; and for God's sake, if you should be so lucky as to get sight of the enemy, get as close to them as possible. Do not let them shuffle with you by engaging at a distance, but get within musket-shot if you can. That will be the way to gain great honour, and will be the means to make the action decisive.

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