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operations against the Foodlee Tribe, together with a copy of the descriptive remarks which accompanied it. 13y Government.

6. Copy of a letter from the Political Agent in Turkish Arabia and of an interesting Memoir (therewith submitted) on part of Mesopotamia situated between Sheriat-el-Beyta and Tel-Ibrahim, prepared by Lieut. Bewsher. By Government.

7. Ileport on the Physical Description of the country traversed by Lieut. Colonel Lewis Pelly, between Bunder Abbass and Cape Jusk, in 1864. By Government.

It is an unpleasant task to have to advert here to the want of interest evinced of late by the members towards the affairs of the Society. This cannot be better explained than by a retrospect of the Proceedings of the Society's Meetings held during the last Session, and the source from whence the communications read before them were obtained. The Society has not a single original communication to show from the pen of a member, in the list of the papers noticed above. This indifference on the part of the members towards the objects of the Society is very lamentable, and it is hoped that this appeal made in the interests of the Society will not fail to induce the members to take an increased interest in the proceedings, and to come forward with papers, to render the Meetings of the Society more interesting than they have latterly been.

The total number of Members on the Roll of the Society at the last Annual Meeting was 155. Since then there were admitted to Membership the following :—

1. R. L. King, Esq.

2. Surgeon W. A. Shepherd.

3. D. E. Gostling, Esq.

4. The Chevalier A. Thenon.

5. His Excellency General Sir Robert Napier, K.C.B. Making a total of 160 Members. Against this, however, the Society has lost nine Members, of whom there have been removed —

By death—4

1. Surgeon James Welsh, F.R.C.S.

2. E. P- Repton, Esq.

3. Mirza Ali Jan, Esq.

4. Cornet T. J. Newnham.

Bij retirement from India—3.

1. Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals A. H. Leith, M.D.

2. Captain Sherard Osborn, C.B., R.N.

3. The Honourable C. J. Erskine, C.S., President.

By resignation of Membership—2.

1. Lieut. W. T. Crockett.

2. Limjee Manockjee, Esq.

In all 9 Members, leaving a balance of 151 Members at this date.

Surgeon James Welsh, F.R.C-S., of the Bombay Medical Service, joined the Society in 1862. He was Port Surgeon previous to his leaving India on Furlough in 1863, and took a great interest in the affairs of the Society. He renewed his connection with them after his return from Europe at the commencement of this year, but was prematurely cut off from the sphere of his usefulness on the 23rd January last.

Dr. A.. H. Leith was admitted a Member of the Society in 1858— and was one of their Vice-Presidents at the time of his final retirement from India in February 1867. Dr. Leith's services in connection with Medical and Sanitary improvements effected in the Presidency during the last 25 years speak for themselves.

Captain Sherard Osborn, C.B., joined the Society in April 1865. He was elected one of their Vice-Presidents in May following, and was offered the Presidentship in December of that year. Captain Oshorn's merits as a Geographer have been of a very high order, and are too well known to require any reiteration here. The Society held him in high esteem, and at their Meeting, held in November last, recorded the following resolution:—

"That Captain Sherard Osborn, C.B..R.N., F.R.G.S., be elected an Honorary Member of the Society for his most acceptable services in furthering the objects of the science of Geography, and his valuable contributions to the Library of the Society during his sojourn here."

The Honourable C. J. Erskine, C.S., joined the Society iu April 1866, when the office of President was unanimously offered to him. He resigned it in March last owing to his approaching retirement from India. Mr. Erskine's name has been associated with the cause of Education in Western India. Though for a short time only at the head of the Society, yet he has been held in the highest esteem and respect for his great abilities, conscientiousness in the discharge of his duties, his extreme politeness and unostentatious habits, which admirably fitted him for the Presidential chair. In accepting his resignation the following resolution was unanimously passed :—

"That the Society receive with much regret the resignation of the Presidentship by the Honourable C. J. Erskine, C.S., on his proceeding to Europe, and desire to record their thanks for his services."

The following resolution, which was proposed by the Honourable Mr. Erskine, the then President, and seconded by the Reverend W. K. Fletcher, Vice President, was carried by acclamation on the retirement of His Excellency Sir Bartle Frere, at the Society's Meeting held on February 21st, 1867 :—

"That His Excellency the Honourable Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere, G.C.S.I, and K.C.B., is entitled to the special acknowledgments and gratitude of the Society for the warm interest he haa taken in furthering their objects, and the distinguished patronage he has extended to them during the period of his Governorship of the Bombay Presidency."

Copies of the reprint of the Sixth Volume of the Society's Transactions arrived here last year. The want of this volume was much felt, and it may be in the recollection of the Society that they are indebted to Sorabjee Pestonjee Framjee, Esq., for his acceptable benefaction for supplying this want.

Copies of the General Index to the contents of the \ 7 Volumes of the Society's Transactions transmitted by the Society's Agent in London two months back, are shortly expected to arrive here. The want of this most useful work was also greatly felt, and but for Mr. Bhugwandass Purshotumdass' munificent donation the Index could not have been compiled.

Five instalments of Books on account of the Cursetjee Furdoonjee Paruck donation have come to hand, and the final shipment of a few more books is shortly expected here. A separate case, similar to the one now standing in the Society's Rooms enclosing the Ross Testimonial, shall be ordered for the accommodation of this collection.

Rupees 1,980 have been subscribed on account of the Frere Portrait Fund. Of these Rs, 1,6 6o have been recovered, and the balance is under recovery. Early opportunity will be taken to give effect to the wishes of the Subscribers.

Of Mr. Premchund Roychund's donation of Rs. 5,000 the Committee have just sanctioned a portion to be applied for the general purposes of the Society. A complete series of Maps of the Trigonometrical Survey of India is also being obtained and mounted at the Education Society's Press, which will form a valuable acquisition to the Library.

The necessity of a fourth case, like the three already standing here, is much felt, as the Society's collection of books has very much increased.

A revised Catalogue of the Books received up to date has been compiled, and the manuscript is, this day, presented to the Society. It is Alphabetically arranged. Each book has been entered under two separate headings—one, the author's name ; and the other, the chief word in the Title. The Catalogue printed in 1862 contained only one entry—the author's name—and was therefore defective for reference, as the author's name necessarily required to be known before the work could be found. The Catalogue will be printed at the Byculla Press, and will then be sent to London to be bound with the Catalogue of Maps, Charts, &c. which is being printed at Home- The principal credit for this Catalogue is due to the Clerk, Mr. Balvant Krishnarao Palekar, in whose hands the whole arrangement has rested—and as far as can be seen, great care seems to have been taken by him in the compilation. I have great pleasure in bearing testimony to the marked ability he has evinced in the discharge of his duties.

The eighteenth Volume of the Transactions of the Society is in the Press, and it is hoped that copies thereof will be placed in the hands of Members before the opening of the next Session. P 11 bg


It is a matter of great regret to add here for the information of tbe Society that the late monetary crisis, which has had such disastrous effects in the Mercantile as well as the general community of Bombay, has tended materially to affect the interests of the Society also; inasmuch as there is a large number of bills on account of Subscriptions yet to be recovered. There is however every hope of these arrears being recovered during the current year. The statement of the Society's Ca-di Account shows a handsome balance to their credit, but it must be understood that this balance includes several funds in trust with the Society for special purposes. There is very little balance available for the general requirements of the Society. I would therefore avail myself of this opportunity to impress on the members the necessity of their urging the claims of the Society on their friends', and inducing them to extend to it their patronage by membership. The Annual Subscription is Ks. 15 only. I trust that this appeal will meet with a ready response.

At the conclusion of the Report, the annual statement of Receipts and Disbursements on account of the Society from 1st May 1866 to 30th April 1867, submitted to the Society, showed a balance of Rs. 10,205-14-3 to their credit. In this sum were comprised the cash balances of the several donations in trust with the Society.

The Report submitted by the Secretary having been considered satisfactory, it was unanimously resolved to adopt the same, and the warmest thanks of the Society were voted to the Office-bearers of the past year. The meeting then adjourned to September next.

SESSION 1867-68.

First Meeting.September 26th, \867.

The adjourned ordinary Monthly Meeting of the Bombay Geographical Society was held in their Rooms, Town Hall, on Thursday, the 26th September 1867, at 5 P.m.

Present.—Venayekrow Jugonnathjee Sunkersett, Esq., Senior Member, in the chair; James Burgess, Esq., F.B.G.S., M.R.A.S.; K. R. Kama, Esq.; J. Macfarlane, Esq. ; Major J. T. Annesley ; D. E. Gostling, Esq; Rao Saheb Vishvanath Narayan Mandlik, Members; and Lieut. Henry Morland, F.R.A.S., F.B.G.S., Honorary Secretary.

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