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Rules: of court at Shanghai....

(See Mixed courts.)
Rumsey, John: deposition of, in Fortune Bay outrage.

Russia: appointment of commission for international exchange of works of
science and art; regulations of the commission...

882, 883
attempt upon the life of the Emperor: by explosion in the winter palace;

from fifty to sixty soldiers killed; the Emperor unharmed; the Em-
press's health..

by the wrecking of railway train; the Emperor's escape; destruction of

baggage-cars; passengers unharmed; congratulations of the govern-

ment and people of the United States to the Emperor on his escape.. 866-869
case of Henry Pinkos, a Jew and a citizen of the United States, ordered
to leave St. Petersburg

change among bigh officers; General Melikoff appointed chief of the su-

preme executive commission; seizure of Nihilist printing-press in St.
Petersburg, and arrest of persons connected with it; murder of the po-
lice's informant; many persons leaving the city

871, 872
death of the Empress ; expressions of sympathy by the President of the
United States

874, 875
expulsion of foreign Jews, as suspected persons: (See Pinkos.)

Jews in, alleged to be subjected to hardships by Government of.

reception by the Emperor of the diplomatic corps; congratulations of the

President of the United States to the Emperor upon the twenty-fifth
anniversary of his accession to the throne..

rule concerning admission of printed matter into Russia; permission

granted the United States consul-general to receive printed matter ad-
dressed to him, unopened...


Sahara : railway across.

Salisbury, Marquis of: (See Extradition.).

Salomon, General: elected President of Hayti...

(See Hayti.)
President of Hayti, address of; the country at peace; the election; ne-

cessity of adopting the new constitution; finances of the republic in bad
condition; reforms

Salvador: visit of the United States minister in Central America to; his re-
ception; remarks, and the reply of the President....

115, 116
Sandwich Islands : emigration to, from China....

(See Emigration.).
Santa Cruz: financial condition of ....

(See Denmark.)
Saunders, John: deposition of, in Fortune Bay outrage..

Saxony: opposition to imperial control of railroads in Germany.

Schehr, John: an American citizen, fined for non-performance of military duty
in Germany.

.441, 443, 445, 457
(See Alsace-Lorraine.)
Schmidt, P. C.: naturalization case of, at Berlin, favorably settled..

Schools: in Japan: regulations governing conduct of....

Schuchardt, Wm.: United States consul at Piedras Negras: (See Army.).... 776–780
Scott, Louis H., United States consul at Chihuahua: complaints of

Scott, Matthew: citizen of the United States who died at Kobé; the Japa-

nese Government appropriates 900 yen for a suitable monument to his

Scruggs, W. M., United States consul: (See War power of China).

Servia : mintage laws of; statistics of coinage ; cireulation of other coins in;
non existence of paper money.

postponement of trade-mark convention with the United States..

rights of the Jews; their rights of trade and commerce, religion, and cit-
izenship; negotiations by the United States minister at Vienna...

Seward, G. F.: United States minister to China; appreciation of his services
on diplomatic committee.

Shanghai: harbor rules

142, 143, 203
mixed courts at

rules of mixed courts at.

Shepard, I. F.: United States consul; report on education in China .

Shipping: alleged overcharge of tonnage dues in New York on Brazilian ves-
sel; restitution ordered


custody of registers of American vessels ; no discriminations practiced in

the ports of Colombia .......
custody of records of United States vessels; mail steamers of the Cnited

States; objectionable system; passage of a bill modifying the annor-
ances; conflict of jurisdiction between the Panama Railroad Company
and the Colombian Government; neutrality of the Isthmus...
discriminating light dues upon foreign vessels in Hayti...,

first Chinese steamer to enter an American port....

(See Wo Chung.)
foreign built ships owned by citizens of the United States; status of, &e.

(See Consuls.)
order of the Queen relating to collisions at sea to apply to all ships
whether in British jurisdiction or not

(See Collisions at sea.)
proposed revision of Japanese treaties with reference to; right of coast.

ing trade; the Japanese mercantile marine; protected by the govern-
ment; the Mitsu Bishi Company; shipbuilding in Japan, docks, &c.;

marine insurance by foreign companies....
question of granting clearances to American vessels in Peru, during the

war with Chili..
regulations governing ships under sail; under steam.
rules in Colombia for the deposit of ship's papers.
status of foreign built ships owned by Americans; rights of Americans

to buy and carry on cominerce in foreign built vessels; duties of con-

suls; right of appeal to diplomatic officers

the case of the “Itata" at Lima.
Shufeldt, Commodore : arbitration in Liberian boundary question.

(See Great Britain.)
thanks of Liberian Government to, for services rendered in the adjust-

ment of the “Northwest boundary question”
Siberia : commerce may be opened with interior by means of the Lena River,

easily reached from the Pacific....
Sierra Leone : interference of governor of, in affairs of the island of Mata-

Silver: amount of coin imported into and exported from Hayti (see Currency,

Slaves :

Brazil: emancipation of slaves in Brazil.....
Cuba : improbability that system of guardianship proposed for emancipated

slaves will prove feasible......

proposed law for the emancipation of....
Egypt: application of five, at the United States consulate general in Cairo;

an account of them; their liberation accomplished after considerable

arrest of slave dealers and rescue of 130 slaves in district of Berber;

prompt action of Egyptian officials; freedom obtained for two slaves
by the United States consular clerk at Cairo; article from the London
Times on the slave traffic; circular of the minister of the interior defin-
ing the laws and penalties...

rescue of 20 at railway station in Cairo on train from Assioût; surprise

of a caravan of slave traders and rescue of 90 slaves; action of the

British consul-general; slavery favored by the natives.. .... 1012 IT"
Slave trade at Assioût: facilities in surrounding country for the secretiug of

slaves by Arab traders; arrest of traders and liberation of slaves found

in their possession; this trade encouraged by natives......
Smith, F. A., schooner: claim against Great Britain ...

(See Fortune Bay outrage.)
Smith, Peter: (See Fortune Bay outrage)..
Snellgrove, George : deposition of, in Fortune Bay outrage.
Society Islands : flag of the French protectorate among ..

(See French Protectorate.)
Sonora: disbandment of forces intended for invasion of, in consequence of

the action of United States military authorities; desire of the Cnited

States to co-operate in frustrating all such attempts .
formation of raiding parties on the Mexican frontier for invasion of; order

of the Secretary of War to General McDowell....

railway: (See Railroads).
South Pacific Times: extract from; proclamation of the President of Pera..

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vain : American vessels boarded by Spanish naval officers on the high seas;
Spanish Government orders an immediate investigation....

929, 930
case of the whaling schooner, Edward Lee..

conduct of Spanish naval vessels on the high seas; interference with

American trading vessels; four separate instances of American trading
vessels boarded by officers of Spanish navy and searched ; gravity of
these offenses ; maritime dominion under law of nations...

question of various reforms in Cuba; gravity of the question not fully

889, 890
transit of criminals whose extradition has been conceded by third power

through territory of; articles of existing conventions between Spain
and other countries; no objections to the application of these articles
to cases where the United States are concerned

treaty of peace and friendship between Peru and, signed and ratified. 852
ahel: letter on mixed courts in China....

(See Mixed courts.)
apleton, Edward : deposition of, in Fortuue Bay outrage...

atement of grievances : unauthorized inland taxation on imports in China;

value of foreign coins arbitrarily fixed; excessive tonnage dues.... 174, 175
atistics : Brazilian finances

(See Brazil.)
coinage in Servia...

emigration from Switzerland

German army: expenditure in military and naval support

(See Ariny.)
Hungarian emigration....

iu message of Chilian President to Congress, on commerce.

marriages, births, and deaths, under Swiss federal law.

of currency in Hayti.....

635, 636
of custom-house at Hawaii, (See Hawaii)

of railroads in Germany.

416, 417
population of Bosnia, Herzegovina...

population of the "new annexed provinces" of Austria-Hungary

proposed additions to the army of Germany..

provisioning of Vienna....

the floating debt of Egypt...

teamships: Chinese Steam Navigation Company's encouragement to emi-
grants. (See Emigration)..

teamship lines: contemplated withdrawal of that one between New York
and Brazil; the trade of Brazil of much value to our country...

(See Brazil.)
recommendation by Brazilian minister that subsidy be granted to line

running between Canada, the United States, and Brazil, &c.; refusal
of minister to meet requirements of subsidy contract with the Roach

teffens, Emil: defendant in trade-mark case ; law held to be unconstitutional
by the Supreme Court of the United States..

teig, George: naturalization case of, at Berlin, favorably settled.

445, 455
tephenson, Emily, Schooner: alleged trespass of, on British Columbian fish-

504, 515
tudents: hardship in charging passport fees upon American, in Germany. 423, 433, 434
t. Petersburg: seizure of Nihilist printing press; murder of informant;

search and inspection of dwelling-houses by the police; many people
leaving the city.

871, 872
t. Thomas: reported transfer of, by Denmark, to Great Britain denied... 344
utter, John A., jr., United States consul at Acapulco: letter on case of Cap-
tain Jacobson, an American citizen....

weden and Norway: change of ministry; this change caused by defeat of

the army bill; organization of new cabinet; short sketches of several
of the ministers..

emigration of converts to Mormonism to the United States ; measures
taken by the government to dissuade this....

.933, 934,939
political thought and feeling in Norway; proposed amendment to the

constitution; refusal of the King to sanction an amendment adopted

by the Storthing; question as to the limit of the King's veto power... 937-939
reception by people and government of, to Professor Nordenskjold; re-
ceived by the King in person, &c.; dinner given by the King.

936 937
witzerland: application to United States legation in, for certificates as to

validity of marriages of citizens of the United States in that country. 957, 958


enigration of persons intending to join Mormon community in the United

States; disposition of the President to render assistance in arresting
this enigration ;, letter of the President..

....91,962, 63 64
financial measure introduced in the national council; rejection of the

measure and consequent popular dissatisfaction.
property in, claimed by natives of that country, naturalized in the United

States; Jaws governing such cases.
text of the Swiss federal law of 1874, concerning the social state and

marriage; this law not entirely free from objections by United States

citizens; statistics...
the government abstains from participation in colonization and emigra-

tion schemes; declaration of the Grütliverein..
the government asks the chargé d'affaires of the United States to furnish

means of subsistence to an alleged naturalized citizen of the United

States and his family.
text of the Swiss federal law, &c.: final provisions.

general provisions..
penal provisions
special provisions as to divorce, nullity of marriage, and as to entries to

be made in such cases...
special provisions upon the keeping of register of births...
special provisions upon the keeping of the register of deaths.
special provisions for keeping of register of marriage; qualifications and
conditions necessary to marriage ; formalities relative to celebration

of marriage..

transitory provisions.
Symon, Robert R.: transfer of Blair charter to representatives of
Synge, Colonel: captured and abducted by brigands in Thessaly; his account

of his captivity, &c.; his ransom...


Talisman, French frigate: her arrival at Monrovia; interview of her captain

with the Liberian President; her departure for Gaboon.....
Tangier: damage to property and crops by floods at...

protection of Moorish subjects in Morocco; desire of Great Britain to
refer the question to representatives of the powers at Madrid..

(See Moorish subjects.),
Tariff: abolition by the Netherlands of all discriminating duties in East In-

dian colonies....
exorbitant, on foreign vessels in Hayti...

(See Law, Taxation, Duties, Commerce.)
penalties for evading customs, in Mexico....
privileges of Annex B of Franco-Portuguese treaty of 1866; the United

States entitled to the enjoyment of these privileges; admission of the

United States to these privileges; decree of the King .........854, 855,
Taxation : additional, decreed in Portugal to cover deficit in government re-

differential duties levied by the United States on indirect colonial prod-

ucts of the Netherlands; interpretation of Article V of convention with

reference to this question....
exemption from, of Spanish subjects resident in Morocco.
extension of income tax in Portugal..
on foreign goods in China. (See Lord)....
questions relating to. (See China)

the tribute in Egypt; extract from the Egyptian Gazette.

unauthorized, &c., in China. (See Treaties).
Tejedor: annual message to the provincial chambers; defining rights of the

national government
governor at Buenos Ayres; arming of troops in city.
he accepts the offers of mediation tendered by the United States minister.
his friends refuse to accept his renunciation of the candidacy for Presi-

his surrender and resignation..
interview with Roca..
refusal to disarm the troops; declines to be a candidate for the Presi-


Terry, Thomas W., United States consul at Santiago, Cape Verd Islands .... 853

(See United States Naval Cemetery.)
Tharnell, James: deposition of, in Fortune Bay outrage..

Thessaly: capture and abduction of Colonel Synge by bandits; ransom of
$50,000 demanded; account of his captivity by himself....

Thierry. '(See Talisman and Monrovia)...

705, 706
Tientsin: inadequate compensation of interpreters to United States consu-

war power of; report by Consul Denny. (See Education)..

280, 286
Times, London: letter to, on slave traffic in Egypt...

224, 225
Tokio: Earthquake at, on the 22d February, 1880; no lives lost, though
many houses destroyed; extract from Japan Daily Herald..

682, 633
fire in; great loss of property; 10,000 houses and large quantities of

goods consumed; danger of the United States legation; assistance
rendered the United States minister; recommendation that Congress
appropriate $25,000 for the building, &c., of a legation on ground
offered by the Emperor to the United States...

return of the Emperor from his progress through the western provinces ;
his character and good work, &c. (See Mikado)...

Tonnage dues : cases of the Americau vessels Santos Óteri Susan Seran-
ton at Honduras....

case of the Brazilian vessel Foster at New York ..

case of the Wo Chung; proclamation of the President of the United

States concerning; suspension of discriminating dues in this case. 303-309
Chilian vessels not to pay more than thirty cents per ton; proclamation
by the President of the United States concerning..

(See Treasury.)
excessive in China....

(See Statement of grievances.)
in China on lighters; claim not admitted by diplomatic corps at

239, 240–242, 296, 297
in China on lighters; necessity of registration; prevention of smuggling. 241, 242
on cargo boats.

(See Foochow.)
on lighters unauthorized; illegality of registration-fee on lighters...... 240

(See China.)
treaties with China provide for buoys, light-houses, and beacons tobe paid
from ....

$20 to be paid in, or as registration-fee for lighters reported by consuls in

Trade-marks: act of July 8, 1870, declared unconstitutional by the Supreme

Court of the United States ; effect of decision in Brazil; treaty-inaking
aspect of the question left untouched..

convention with Servia and Roumania concerning
cases decided by Supreme Court...
decision of the United States Supreme Court in cases of; laws of, uncon-

decision of the United States Supreme Court prejudicial to the interests

of importers of French goods; letter of certain importers at New York
to Mr. Outrey...

laws concerning, in treaties, left to Congress; consequent delay of con-
vention with Servia and Roumania....

unwillingness of the United States to submit questions of, to International
Industrial Congress in France....

378, 379
Transit: privilege of, accorded American cattle through Canada.

Transit passes: China; desirability of a uniform system of; circular to consuls
in China....

Transportation : of merchandise to, from, and through Canada.

Treasury: Brazilian; issue of paper money; loan to consolidate floating debt

and liquidate budget of 1878–79; success of the loan; railway projected;
statistics of finances....

decision of the Secretary in the matter of tonnage-tax on Chilian vessels
(See Tonnage dues).

tax proposed in Brazil upon transportation companies; popular excite-

ment thereat; conference between the minister of finance and the head
of an American company..

Treaty : Bolivia with the United States; decree authorizing privateers to

search neutral vessels, except those flying the United States flag .... 77

(See Bolivia.)

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