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China's compliance with stipulations of; rights of foreigners under those

of Tientsin; transit ; lekin taxation ; exterritoriality; the most-favored.
nation clause; the missionary question; treaty revision; jurisdiction;

desire on the part of China to carry out the treaties ....
commissioners to negotiate, with China appointed by the President of the

United States...
desire for extradition, between the United States and the Netherlands...
intent of, with China; position of Chinese Government with reference

to; certain stipulations of, referred to; new proposals; plan of the
British and German ministers; probability of a discussion of grievances

between the diplomatic body and the foreign office
nature of the Russo-Chinese, negotiated by Chung How; the Marquis

Tseng's instructions; memorial to the throne; explanatory notes.......
necessity for revision of Japanese, reasons for their revision, &c....

(See Shipping.)
of Berlin ; apprehension that certain of its articles may not be observed.
of peace and friendship between Spain and Peru, signed and ratified....
of Washington : articles concerning the fisheries....

(See Fortune Bay outrage.)
privilege of Annex B of the Franco-Portuguese, of 1866, asked for by the

United States; admission of the United States to participation in
these privileges....

854, 855
proposed, between Liberia and the King of the Mandingo negroes in

African interior..
protection by, between the United States and Peru, of United States res-

sels carrying nitrates from Peru
revision of Chinese; negotiations in progress at Peking; illegality of
lekin and other analogous taxes.

Russo-Chinese, negotiated by Chung How; text of original..
verbal note of the German minister on non-observance of certain treaty

stipulations in China; unauthorized taxes levied on i... ports; stoppage
of imports under transit passes; lekin taxes; unauthorized tax static is
inland ; difficulties in the way of foreigners obtaining transit passes ;
deprivation of rights of foreigners to visit the interior; value of foreiga
coins arbitrarily fixed

with China, the understanding of, by the ''sung-li Yamên.
with Germany, o. 1868, does not extend to Alsace-Lorraine...

441, 444
(See Alsace-Lorraine.)
former decisions of the imperial government under, as bearing upon Alsace

Lorraine; Mr. Bancroft's view
Trescott, letter of Mr. (counsel for claimants): on Fortune Bay outrage.

(See Fortune Bay outrage.)
Trinidad Chronicle: letter to, from Mr. John E. Wheelock, an American citi-

zen illegally arrested and maltreated by an official of the Venezuelan

Trojes Mining Company: murder of American employés of, in Mexico. 739–744,76
Tseng, Marquis: instructions to

(See Treaties.)
Tsung-li Yamên: considers that intercourse between various nations is like

that between host and guest....
its readiness to consider report of diplomatic committee at Peking on
trade, justice, and official intercourse.

(See Commerce.)
Tunis : commemoration of the one hundred and third anniversary of Ameri-

can Independence by display of the flags of their respected countries at
all the consulate's; the Bey sends assurances of his friendship for the

United States ....
Turkey: Albania repudiates the government of the Saltan; Ottoman em-

ployés expelled from the public bureaus
murder of Colonel Kummeran, military attaché of the Russian legation;

arrest of the murderer; deed attributed to a plot of the Nihilists: nar.
row escape of the Russian chargé d'affaires; trial of the murderer; his
chance of escaping punishment; action of the diplomatic corps; prom-

ises of the Ottoman Government
Turkish Empire: change in the imperial ministry; the successors of the

prime minister and the minister of foreign affairs ....
dispatches sent from foreign offices to ministers of Turkey at Washington,

Stockholm, and Brussels, notifying them of the discontinuance of their
legations; the latter two restored; the Secretary of State of the United
States asks that the legation at Washington be continued..

Turkish Empire-Continued.

financial affairs; disastrous results of the decree of October, 1875; sus-

pending payment of interest on public debt; subsequent operations of
the Treasury; relative value of Ottoman moneys; depreciation of paper
currency; devices for retiring it; copper money ; report of the Imperial
Ottoman Bank; redemption of the caïmé..

testimonial from the American colony in Constantinople to Mr. Maynard. 982, 983
the Armenian people; character of the race; missionary work among
them; the moral influence of America in the East..

Egypt: assent of the United States desired to the proposed disposition of the
balance of the Rothschild loan...

999, 1001
causes of the debt of; political and social status of the Fellah; England's
power in this country; extract from the Egyptian Gazette..

decree of the Khedive appointing members of commission of liquidation;
declaration of the governments concerned..

floating debt; of what composed

imperative necessity for the appointment of a commission of liquidation;

proposition of the French Government; probable work of the commis-
sion; atfairs in the hands of France and England; decree instituting

1001-1003, 1004
need of prison for incarceration of persons sentenced by United States

consular courts in; prisoners to be confined in United States prison at
Smyrna; no facilities for enforcing sentence at “hard labor”.

998, 999
presentation of an obelisk to the United States, by the late Khedive.

proposed commission for elaboration of the judicial organization and the

codes; meeting of the consuls-general at Cairo; conclusions arrived at
by the meeting ; action of the United States relating to continuance of
the courts unnecessary; assistant commissioner to be appointed by the
United States

slave trade in

slave trade by Arabs at Assioût; arrest of thirty-five traders..

slave traffic; extract from the London Times; circular of the minister of
the interior

Thessaly: capture and abduction of Colonel Synge by brigands; ransom

of $50,000 demanded ; Colonel Synge's account of his captivity.. 978-981
Turkey: life-saving service on the Black Sea; question considered by the
diplomatic representatives of the maritime powers; demoralization of the

service; collective note to the Porte urging attention to this subject .. 972-974
life-saving service; station on the Black Sea described by Sir George

965 969
murder of the Rev. Dr. Parsons, an American missionary, and his servant;

the minister of foreign affairs promises energetic search for murderers;
arrest of the murderers; an account of the crime; delays of the law in
trying Mohammedans for the murder of Christians...

religious toleration; present position of the Protestant community in the
Turkish Empire...

Turner, David, United States consul: letter to Consul-General Strother on
revolution in Lower California

Tuscarora, United States steamer, engaged in the coast survey: landing of a

part of her crew on coast of Oaxaca ; Mexican authorities ordered to
furnish officers of, any assistance required; notice of future works of
this nature asked for by Mexican Government, for convenience ...



Union : protocol complementary of the preliminary bases of union of Peru.

and Bolivia; protocol to be accepted by the people; formation of fede-
ral government; election of President and Vice-President; provisional
senate; abolition of custom-houses between the two countries; consti-
tution to be provisionally in force for five years; government of the
States; the public debt; territorial demarcation of the States; coat

of arms; war flag; vacancy of President or Vice-Pres:dent's office..... 850, 851
protocol of preliminary bases of federal, of Peru and Bolivia; nation to

be called Pern-Bolivian United States; based on American public law;
status of governmental departments ; federal districts; state sover-
eignty; rights and powers granted and denied the States; constitution
of the national government; Congress; the President; the judiciary ;
foreign relations



United States naval cemetery, Cape Verd Islands: formation of a new one;
removal of dead to ...

..853, 54, 55, 56
citizens of, in other countries..

.149, 359, 441-461, 722-724, 739–744,776
(See American citizens; Naturalization.)
interests of, in the welfare of Liberia ...

...... 382, 383
Uruguay: resignation of the presidency by Colonel Latorre ; his letter of res-

ignation and proclamation; he believes his country to be ungovern.
able; meeting of Congress and election of his successor; nomination of
new ministry.

..1027, 1049


Vast, Dr. F. P.: naturalization case of, at Berlin, unfavorably decided ...... 45
Venezuela: article in constitution contemplating alliance with other Ameri-

can governments; commission to report upon the confederation or al-
liance of all the nations of South America ; decree appointing this com-
mission ....

.... 1038, 102
assembling of Congress ; the message of the provisional President as tend.
ing to affect foreign commerce ..

contract with Mr. Bandman for construction of railways.

insurrection at Cindad Bolivar; marine station and tribunal removed and
established at Carúpano...

message of the provisional President to Congress; constitutional reform;

the seven great States; elections; the provisional presidency; insurrec-
tion suppressed; road, school, and immigration funds expended on sol.

.... 1033, 1036
outrage upon Mr. John E. Wheelock, an American citizen, by a civil offi-
cer of i he government of.

1028-1032, 1037, 1033, 10:39, 1010–1014
rupture between the provisional President and Mr. Delort, chief of the

French commission, on acconut of Mr. Baodman's railway contract.... 1036, 105
the government of the State of Guayana denounces the outrage perpetrated

by a minor official upon Mr. Wheelock; the United States demands the
speedy and condign punishment of persons implicated; indemnity to
be demanded

1031, 1032, 1037, 1044
the President of, purchasing iron-clad vessels and arms in Europe, for the
purpose of war with Colonibia...

two decrees, the first closing port of Ciudad Bolivar and substituting that

of Barcelona, announcing blockade of the Orinoco, &c.; the second pro-
viding for a marine station and tribunal at Carúpano.

103, 1033
Versailles : removal of capital from, to Paris. (See Paris)

Victorio : depredations of his band on the United States border; their escape

into Mexico; necessity that Mexico shall either permit United States

troops to follow or shall assume the responsibility herself ...
Vidal, Francisco: elected Presideut of Uruguay, upon the resignation of La-

Vienna: statistics of the provisioning of the city; vigilance of inspection.
Volland, P. C. E. : case of spurious diploma used by, in Germany..


Wackermann, Joseph: naturalization case of, at Berlin ...

War: between Peru and Chili; circulars of the Peruvian Government to rep-

resentatives of friendly vations. (See Bolivia, Chili, Peru, Mediation)75, 832, 833
War power of Cbiva: reports of consuls on; Amoy; Canton; Chin Kiang; Foo
Chow; New Chwang; Niugpo; Tientsin...

(See cities named.)
Warren, Chas. E., schooner: claim against Great Britain ...

(See Fortune Bay outrage.).
Washington, George: American trading vessel boarded and searched by Span-

ish naval officers
Webster, Edward E., schooner: claim against Great Britain...

(See Fortune Bay outrage.)
Wehrung, George: naturalization case of, at Berlin ....
Weights and measnres : proposed budget for international committee for 1880 347–350

report of the international committee; abbreviations ....
Weil, Simon: naturalization case of, at Berlin......

Weilí, Aaron: naturalization case of, at Berlin, favorably settled...

$9, 4a0
Weinrebe: arrest of, by United States officers, on steamer Mosel, for violation
of United States revenue laws....

461, 462

etherell, Maud B., schooner: claim against Great Britain....

(See Fortune Bay outrage.)
heelock, Mr. John E., an American citizen: outrage inflicted upon, by a

civil officer of the Venezuelan Government; Mr. Wheelock's letters to

the United States minister resident and to the Trinidad Chronicle....1028-1031
statement of his case against the Venezuelan Government by Mr. Evarts;

illegally arrested while in legitimate pursuit of his business; inhumanly
treated by Venezuelan official; apparent indifference of Venezuelan

views of the minister of foreign affairs of Venezuela in relation to outrage

upon Mr. Wheelock; alleged exaggeration; no grounds upon which to
proceed against the official of the government charged with the out-
rage; Venezuela owes no indemnity to the complainant

1040, 1041
hite, A. D., minister of the United States at Berlin: his speech at the open-

ing of 'the fishery exbibition; industrial and social matters; political
relations between Germany and the United States...

425, 426
ildfire, schooner: claim against Great Britain...

(See Fortune Bay outrage.)
iltz, L. A., governor of Louisiana: proclamation by. (See Cotton)..... 518
itteman, Adolph, defendant in trade-mark case: law held to be unconstitu-

o Chung: Chinese steamer, first to enter an American port; discriminating

tonnage dues; alien rates; reciprocal exemption between the United
States and China unprovided for by treaty.

the President of the United States suspends the discriminating duties of
tonnage, &c

(See Tonnage dues.)
recking: on the great lakes; cases of, on Lake Ontario.....

505, 506


pumans, Henry: an American citizen murdered in Michoacan, Mexico .....



ona libre: its commercial effects upon the United States..
weifel: one of the discoverers of the sources of the Niger.

724, 725


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