Post-war Economic Policy and Planning: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Special Committee on Post-war Economic Policy and Planning, United States Senate, Seventy-eight Congress, First Session-Seventy-ninth Congress, First Session Pursuant to S. Res. 102, a Reslution Creating a Special Committee on Post-war Economic Policy and Planning, 파트 15


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2179 페이지 - ... (d) The housing provided with funds authorized to be appropriated by this section may be sold and disposed of as expeditiously as possible: Provided, That in 'disposing of said housing consideration shall be given to its full market value and said housing or any part thereof shall not, unless specifically authorized by Congress, be conveyed to any public or private agency organized for slum clearance or to provide subsidized housing for persons of low income.
2179 페이지 - It is hereby declared to be the policy of this title to further the national defense by providing housing in those areas where it cannot otherwise be provided by private enterprise when needed, and that such housing may be sold and disposed of as expeditiously as possible...
2066 페이지 - In order to provide local mutual thrift institutions in which people may invest their funds and in order to provide for the financing of homes, the Board ' is authorized, under such rules and regulations as it may prescribe, to provide for the organization, incorporation, examination, operation, and regulation of associations to be known as "Federal Savings and Loan Associations...
2179 페이지 - Provided further, That the Administrator may, in his discretion, upon the request of the Secretaries of War or Navy transfer to the jurisdiction of the War or Navy Departments such housing constructed under the provisions of this Act as may be considered to be permanently useful to the Army or Navy.
2175 페이지 - Act, to assist the several States and their political subdivisions to alleviate present and recurring unemployment and to remedy the unsafe and insanitary housing conditions and the acute shortage of decent, safe, and sanitary dwellings for families of low income...
2178 페이지 - Alaska, where the cost shall not exceed $7,500, exclusive of expenses of administration, land acquisition, public utilities, and community facilities, and the aggregate cost of community facilities shall not exceed 3 per centum of the total cost of all projects: Provided further...
2067 페이지 - Board supervises and regulates the Federal Home Loan Bank System, the System of Federal Savings and Loan Associations, and the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation...
2214 페이지 - Burgess has said that the findings of one study . . . establish conclusively a fact of far-reaching significance, namely, that the distribution of juvenile delinquents in space and time follows the' pattern of the physical structure and of the social organization of the American City.
2214 페이지 - The conclusion from the preceding survey of the relation between delinquency and housing is that delinquency is concentrated in the areas of bad housing and is associated with a complex of conditions, of which bad housing is only one. There is no sufficient reason for believing that an appreciable reduction in delinquency rates will result from improvement of individual houses if other things remain unchanged.
2180 페이지 - Up to now the administrative overhead of the United States Housing Authority and its successor, the Federal Public Housing Authority, has been provided through what has been known as an interest profit.

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