Bulletin, 200-211호

The Department, 1910

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19 페이지 - Fourth. If the package containing it or its label shall bear any statement, design, or device regarding the ingredients or the substances contained therein, which statement, design, or device shall be false or misleading in any particular...
10 페이지 - First. If any substance has been mixed and packed with it so as to reduce or lower or injuriously affect its quality or strength. Second. If any substance has been substituted wholly or in part for the article.
30 페이지 - It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation or any agent thereof to sell, or offer or expose for sale, or have in possession with intent to sell...
21 페이지 - If the contents of the package as originally put up shall have been removed, in whole or in part, and other contents shall have been placed in such package...
59 페이지 - If it contains any added substance or ingredient which is poisonous or injurious to health. Provided, that the provisions of this Act shall not apply to mixtures or compounds recognized as ordinary articles or ingredients of articles of food, if each and every package sold or offered for sale be distinctly labeled as mixtures or compounds, with the name and per cent of each ingredient therein, and are not injurious to health.
13 페이지 - ... and in such case said party or parties shall be amenable to the prosecutions, fines, and other penalties which would attach, in due course, to the dealer under the provisions of this Act.
10 페이지 - Section 1. Be it enacted, &c., That it shall be unlawful for any person...
21 페이지 - Section 1. It shall be unlawful for any person or persons, by himself, herself or themselves, or by his, her or their agents, servants or employes, to sell, offer for sale, expose for sale or have in possession with intent to sell sausage that is adulterated within the meaning of this act.
6 페이지 - No person shall sell, offer or expose for sale in this state leather or its products or other inert nitrogenous material in any form, as a fertilizer or as an ingredient of any fertilizer. unless an explicit printed statement of the fact shall be conspicuously affixed to every package of such fertilizer, and shall accompany every parcel or lot of the same.
14 페이지 - All fines and penalties imposed and recovered for the violation of any of the provisions of this act shall be paid to the Dairy and Food Commissioner or his agent, and by the Dairy and Pood Commissioner be paid into the State Treasury, for the use of the Commonwealth. Section 10. The following acts of Assembly; namely, — an act, entitled "An act to provide against the adulteration of food, and providing for the enforcement thereof...

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