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II. Washburn.

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Adams........... 431 92.... 111 86 0
Bad Ax.......... 130 44. ... No returns.
Buffalo........... 17 41.... New County.
Chippewa & Dunn 49 173.... --
Clark ......... ... 107 29.... --
Crawford........ 197 75.... 42
Dane ............ 1732 2033. ...1104 2138 288
Douglass...... --- Not returned.
Grant............ 1636 869.... 1341 1379 129
Green............ 911 484.... 659 865 186
Iowa........ ..... 1164 800.... 895 948 0.
Jackson....... ... 40 49.... New County.
La Crosse........ 168 102.... 260 325 10
La Fayette....... 1056 1075.... 850 1389 0
La Pointe..... ... 6 27.... New County.
Marathon........ 169 195.... No returns.
Monroe.......... 114 40.... New County.
Pierce........... 69 55.... --
Polk.......... ... 35 66.... --
Portage ......... 363 209.... No returns.
Richland......... 324 150.... 166 166 0
Rock ............ 2147 821....1509 1691 923
St. Croix......... 106 92.... 62
Sauk............. 965 373.... 511 595 156
Trempeleau... .. No returns. New County.
Total........11936 7900 7406 9686 1692

David Taylor rec'd 148 votes. Maj. for Washburn,

4,036; do. for Pierce, 588.

III. Billinghurst. Macy. Scott. Pierce. Hale.
Brown ........... 276 221.... 326 515 0.
Calumet.......... 289 202.... 149 245 0
Columbia........ 1217 687....1133 1233 31
Dodge ........... 1998 1506....1205 2264 429
Door............. No returns. New County.
Fond du Lac..... 1560 1175....1065. 1635 408
Jefferson......... 1375 1413.... 1203 1693 359
Kervaunee....... No returns. 5 23 0
Manitowoc....... 702 125.... 209 874 9
Marquette........ 1196 687.... 0 300 0
Oconto........... 80 125.... 71 101 0
Ozaukee......... 569 252.... New County.
Ontogamie....... 361 375.... 145 429 44
Shawanaw....... No returns. New County.
Sheboygan....... 1204 610.... 662 1345 376
Washington...... 572 712.... 1156 2350 183
Waupacca....... No returns.
Waushara........ 449 40.... 147 174 116
Winnebago...... 1511 466.... 707 949 575

Total ....... 13359 8596... .8183 14130 2530

Harvey G. Turner received 1,925 votes for Congress.
Maj. for Billinghurst, 4,763; do. for Pierce, 3,417.


SENATE—Republicans...... 12; Democrats.......13.
Assembly—Repub’s..44; Demo's. .33; Indepen's..5.


In this State an election was held for Congress and Legislature. In the Ist District Alfred B. Greenwood was re-elected, and in the IId, Albert Rust was chosen —both Democrats, and elected without serious opposition. The Legislature is largely Democratic.

souTH caror.INA.

The election in this State was for Congress and Legislature, and the contest did not partake of a partisan character to any considerable extent. iiie white people of South Carolina (two fifths of the population) are excessively, Democratic; and the first and impor. tant article of their creed proclaims the right of mer. chandising, unrestrained and unquestioned, in the flesh and blood of the other three fifths.

In the Ist District there was a personal contest which resulted as follows:

Dists. McQueen.Wilson. Chesterfield. 738 345

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In the IId District William Aiken was re-elected without o Ho'o.

In the | Id District Hon. Lawrence M. Keitt was re-elected without opposition.

In the IVth District the contest was as follows:

Dists. - Brooks. Garlington. Abbeville.................... 1358 437 Edgefield.................. ... 2315 474 Laurens...................... 757 1169 Lexington................... . 1042 130 Newberry................ .... 646 841 Total................... ...6118 3051

Maj; for Preston S. Brooks, 3067.

In the Wth, District Hon. James L. Orr; and in the WIth Hon. Wm. W. Boyce were re-elected without opposition.

The Legislature of this State is strictly Democratic according to the South Carolina idea of that word.

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