Dramatic Masterpieces by Greek, Spanish, French, German, and English Dramatists: Faust, by J.W. von Goethe. The rivals, by R.B. Sheridan. Mary Stuart, by F. von Schiller. A doll's house, by H. Ibsen. Les pattes de mouche, by V. Sardou

Co-operative Publication Society, 1900

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201 페이지 - Come, come, there must be no passion at all in the case ; these things should always be done civilly. Acres. I must be in a passion, Sir Lucius — I must be in a rage. Dear Sir Lucius, let me be in a rage, if you love me. Come, here's pen and paper. (Sits down to write.) I would the ink were red ! Indite, I say, indite ! How shall I begin ? Odds bullets and blades ! I'll write a good bold hand, however. Sir Luc.
216 페이지 - Pray, sir, be easy ; the quarrel is a very pretty quarrel as it stands ; we should only spoil it by trying to explain it. However, your memory is very short, or you could not have forgot an affront you passed on me within this week. — So, no more, but name your time and place.
229 페이지 - Why, you may think there's no being shot at without a little risk, and if an unlucky bullet should carry a quietus with it— I say it will be no time then to be bothering you about family matters.
179 페이지 - I'll tell you what, Jack — I mean, you dog — if you don't, by Capt. A. What, Sir, promise to link myself to some mass of ugliness ; to Sir A. Zounds ! sirrah ! the lady shall be as ugly as I choose : she shall have a hump on each shoulder ; she shall be as crooked as the crescent ; her one eye shall roll like the bull's in Cox's museum ; she shall have a skin like a mummy, and the beard of a Jew — She shall be all this, sirrah ! yet I'll make you ogle her all day, and sit up all night, to write...
177 페이지 - I did not expect it, for I was going to write to you on a little matter of business. Jack, I have been considering that I grow old and infirm, and shall probably not trouble you long. Abs. Pardon me, sir, I never saw you look more strong and hearty; and I pray frequently that you may continue so.
207 페이지 - Why, thou perverse one ! — tell me what you can object to him ? Isn't he a handsome man ? — tell me that. A genteel man ? a pretty figure of a man ? Lyd.
196 페이지 - By Heavens! I would fling all goods of fortune from me with a prodigal hand, to enjoy the scene where I might clasp my Lydia to my bosom, and say, the world affords no smile to me but here — [Embracing her.] If she holds out now, the devil is in it! [Aside. Lyd. Now could I fly with him to the antipodes! but my persecution is not yet come to a crisis.
170 페이지 - My absence may fret her; her anxiety for my return, her fears for me may oppress her gentle temper ; and for her health, does not every hour bring me cause to be alarmed...
186 페이지 - Malaprop! Languish! I don't remember ever to have heard the names before. Yet, stay — I think I do recollect something. Languish!
179 페이지 - Sir, I wont hear a word, not a word ! not, one word ! so give me your promise by a nod, and I'll tell you what, Jack — I mean, you dog — if you don't, by Capt.

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