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hadn't been for those African not met since breakfast, and cases — It only then dawned I had the history of a full day on me, thickhead that I was. to relate. Uncle Bliss made She must have unpacked Chim- history rapidly; he spun it out bashi yesterday.

like yarn. I began at the beIt was growing dusk. A ginning with his brusquerie nightjar began churring in an with the children and his deri oak coppice. The cows loomed sion of Chimbashi. Angela in the mist like huge black agreed that he was “Jof barges silhouetted in cotton Marjorie. That would explain wool. Lights began to appear Irene's shilling. And she bein farm windows. At the next lieved that Chimbashi had rise I should have to stop and broken Marjorie's arm. To light up.

Poor Marjorie ! I Angela he was an accomplice hoped her arm would soon of the Disciplinary Spirit, the mend. It was absurd to think providence that presided over of Chimbashi waylaying Miss the lucklessness of the ClaySeamore; he was not an ally. tons--and their friends, stand

Joan ! Impossible ! Shadow ing like a signpost at the crossof Chimbashi ! What had hap- roads with a finger pointing to pened ! I was lying on the the unfortunate turning. road on the top of the Brebis, “We must get rid of him,” who was clasping Joan's neck. I said.

What's the good !” She An hour later Angela in one meant that even if we could of her reconnaissances from the depose him there would be hall doorstep saw by the light another totem waiting to take of the moon a melancholy pro- his place. “We are not lucky cession coming up the drive. people,” she said. “I wish The Brebis was alone in the somebody would leave us some dogcart, lying like a dislocated money. Is it true that Uncle sack across the seat, clinging Bliss has bought the dinosaur's on to the rail with both hands. egg?Her bonnet had slipped round “He is going to New York to the back of her head, and to buy it at once. Perhaps under the string two little to-morrow. And then to Africa wisps of fluffy grey hair stuck to bag his pterodactyl. Oh, out like sheep's ears. The I forgot the Pyrenees. He is muscles of her poor neck seemed taking them en route.” I tried to be functionless. And I was to remember the name of the between the shafts wheeling attractive fungus. her in. Or, there was only one Chimbashi precipitated bim shaft; the other was on the on the poor Brebis,” I added. road somewhere. I had left “He put her through a Pyrethe broken-kneed Joan tied up nean catechism, and she ob

tained no marks.” We dined alone. We had Here Angela left me to see

to a gate.

how Aunt Hudson was getting Bliss was not quixotic. I on with her soup.

granted her the antithesis in “She's finished it,” she said the ideal, but I still felt there when she came back, “and was a lurking analogy somewould like an omelette.” The where. In the illusions, perBrebis was not really hurt, haps ? only bruised and a little dazed. “In harrying Brebis,” AnShe thought she heard Uncle gela suggested, which reminded Bliss' footsteps.

her that it was time to go and I was not surprised. I told see Aunt Huddy again. Angela how infernally rude he had been to her in the summer- We had our coffee in the house.

library, where Jessie had lighted I had literally to drag him a fire, our first fire. It was the off.”

first really cold evening with We really can't have him an autumnal nip in the air. here again," Angela repeated. When Angela rejoined me, I

When I tackled him about was piling on more logs. it afterwards, he didn't seem “She is fast asleep," she to take it in. He was too said. wrapped up in himself. Do Fast asleep. I wondered you know, I can't explain why, what she was dreaming about. I wanted to kick him at the Two guesses, I was afraid, time, but now I am rather sorry would cover the field of the for him.”

Brebis' subliminal adventures Yes,” said Angela, and I —a rude, aggressive, bearded, saw that she knew what I purple man, and an immensely meant. She could probably high and shaky vehicle on the have explained it, which was edge of an abyss. But dreams, more than I could.

like cocktails, are generally “Clarkson was talking about mixed, and I hoped there was him to-day. I had not realised a little allaying archdeacon in it.

ow futile he was. A standing “I wish Joan had not let me joke. He knows about as much down,” I said. natural history as you will find Joan let you down ! I in Pliny."

thought it was the other way.” “Ridiculous in everything Joan or Chimbashi ; it is except his loyalties."

the same thing. What do you “Staff, for instance. Bliss' think she is dreaming about ?” Sancho Panza they call him at Angela couldn't imagine. the museum.”

Possibly Uncle Bliss. Angela admitted that Staff I thought I heard a rustle of would make a creditable Sancho paper on the writing-table in Panza, only the knight was the

the corner. There was no missing. You couldn't have a draught. I got up and found Sancho Panza without a Chimbashi in possession. The Quixote.

children had left him there in

the innocent guise of a paper- element, and covered it decently weight. I locked him securely with ashes, Angela departed in a drawer.

sorrowfully to bed.

She reThen I returned to the fire minded me to be very careful and the bellows. Angela in seeing that all the doors and pointed to a white-hot metallic- windows were fastened. looking object in the embers, When she had gone I took and I fished it out with the down the folio edition of ‘Don tongs. We examined it curi- Quixote 'in two volumes, with ously, but could not make it the Gustave Doré illustrations, out at first. It looked like a translated into French by Louis cigarette-case, but it was too Viardot, and began to search big for Angela's, and I had left for the elusive analogy. But mine in the pocket of my coat I could not find it. Uncle upstairs. When we had turned Bliss was a prosaic figure, and it over two or three times and deficient in courtesy. He did it began to cool, a dragon's eye not seek adventure for the under a red mane defined itself profit of the necessitous. Nor on the metal. If we had fished was he emulous of honour. He a salamander out of the fire did not care a rap whether his we could not have been more name was writ in bronze or startled. It was my cigarette- water. And Dulcinea was not case, Japanese silver-work, cun- in the picture. Also, I had my ningly chased. Angela gave it suspicions of his liberality. If me. It was her pet dragon, he won his kingdom, would abundant in symbolism. It Sancho Panza come into his breathed out fire with an enig- island ? I doubted it. matic leer.

I dozed off with the huge “Who put it there?tome on my knees open at the

I was on the point of quot- picture of the grand lac de ing her familiar adage, but it poix-résine bouillant à gros bouilwas superfluous. It more than lons, dans lequel nagent et s'agijust showed. Chimbashi had tent une infinité de serpents, de a style of his own; his griffe couleuvres, de lézards, et mille was unmistakable. There was autres espèces d'animaux féroces his signature in the ashes. et épouvantables. The lanky

He had a balanced mind had knight was on the brink ready Chimbashi. He dealt out malice to dig his spurs into Rosinante, evenly with both hands, my but gazing at pictures in the last present to Angela, and clouds, not at the lac effrayable Angela's last present to me. which was swarming with dinoAnd the morning and the even- saurs and pterodactyls—like the ing were the first day.

“ black hole of death” in the “That settles it,” I said. Jiundu swamp.

The scaly "Chimbashi must go."

brutes had scented him, and When we had restored our were serpentining up the cliff. dragon to the fire, its proper Had I turned the key on Chimbashi ? I was too lazy being hammered by the canaille. to get out of my chair and It would be tragic indeed if look.

Uncle Bliss on Rosi- there were anything infirm in nante was becoming narrow and the pedestal of this magnifielongated; he and his lancecently autonomous being. were like two peers, one the What sort of a picture would shadow of the other. A saurian Doré have made out of the was turning his flank, and there hunter of the pterodactyl i Or was an octopus coming up be- Cervantes ? Or Milton ? I hind, both big enough to swallow thought of Samson Agonistes. Rosinante, who, by the way, Again I nodded. Tragedy ! was looking ominously groggy Sublimity? No. I was getting about the knees.

colder. The knight of La The tome fell with a thud on Mancha was nearer. Pathos. the fender, and lay open at Bathos. And so in a ring. A the picture of Don Quixote vicious circle. The analogy suffering chastisement at the evaded me. hands of the muleteer. Im

Finally I fell asleep and mortal ironist!

entered a land where things I looked at the plate for a had definite shapes, even absign, my sortes Virgilianæ, for stract things, and you could nobody had asked the tome to see into them, and there were open at this page. But I was no fugitive values, or probno nearer a clue. Where was lems, or doubts. Here I bethe pathetic parallel ? Let the strode the shaft of a broken pundits laugh at him as much cart and watched Sancho as they liked, I could not pic- Panza sit on the dinosaur's ture Uncle Bliss lying on his egg until it hatched and ate broad back in the mud and him.

(To be continued.)




THE authors of historical my Writings be, proceeding romances of the cloak and from fingers fitter for the Pike sword school owe more than than the Pen. And so (kind they are in the habit of ac- Countrymen) I pray receive knowledging to Master Richard them. Neither ought you to Peeke of Tavistock, in the expect better from me, becounty of Devon, who in Nov- cause I am but the Chronicler ember 1625, all by himself, of my own Story." enjoyed a gorgeous adventure My friend Richard Peeke of in Spain, and wrote a little Tavistock was the original bepamphlet in 1626 telling his getter of this seductive opencountrymen all about it. For ing, artfully designed in other though the modern romancers hands) to lull the suspicions of may never have read Peeke's the reader, and to beguile him pamphlet, they have of one into believing many things in accord, in a long line of suc- the subsequent narrative which cession from one generation to he would otherwise know to another, eagerly adopted an be untrue. We have no reason opening paragraph which is to suspect the veracity of the calculated, in the immortal good Peeke, highly coloured words of Pooh Bah, to give an though his story is. He did, air of verisimilitude to what beyond a doubt, sail as a volunotherwise might have been a teer with Sir Edward Cecil's bald and unconvincing narra- comedy of an expedition against tive. Here it is ; my discern- Cadiz in the autumn of 1625. ing readers will instantly re- And he did, also beyond a spond to the familiar note which doubt, publish his pamphlet it strikes :

in or about the following year, “I know not what the Court addressing it to His Excellent of a King means, nor what the Majesty Charles I., in the fine phrases of Courtiers are. piously fulsome language approA good Ship I know and a poor priate to the times. An imCabin, and the language of a perfect copy, “Printed at LonCannon. And, therefore, as don for I. T., and are to be my Breeding has been Rough sold at his Shoppe,” and (scorning Delicacy), and my adorned with execrable Present Being consisteth alto- woodcut, lies in the British gether upon the Soldier (blunt, Museum.

An annotated replain, and unpolished), so must print of fifty copies only (of


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