Rivers and Harbors: Hearings Before the Committee on Commerce, United States Senate, Seventy-first Congress, Second Session, on H.R. 11781, an Act Authorizing the Construction, Repair, and Preservation of Certain Public Works on Rivers and Harbors, and for Other Purposes

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1930 - 371페이지
Considers legislation to authorize the construction, repair, and preservation of public works on rivers and harbors.

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20 페이지 - ... be commenced within one year and completed within three years from the date of the passage of such act.
272 페이지 - The Illinois and Michigan Canal shall never be sold or leased until the specific proposition for the sale or lease thereof shall first have been submitted to a vote of the people of the State, at a general election, and have been approved by a majority of all the votes polled at such election. The General Assembly shall never loan the credit of the State, or make appropriations from the Treasury thereof, in aid of railroads or canals: Provided, that any surplus earnings of any canal may be appropriated...
277 페이지 - ... direct and to report the same to the court with his findings of fact and conclusions of law, which shall constitute a part of the proceedings upon which the determination of the court shall be made. The court may reverse or affirm, wholly or partly, or may modify, the decision brought up for review.
284 페이지 - In these circumstances we think they are entitled to a decree which will be effective in bringing that violation and the unwarranted part of the diversion to an end. But in keeping with the principles on which courts of equity condition their relief, and by way of avoiding any unnecessary hazard to the health of the people of that section, our decree should be so framed as to accord to the Sanitary District a reasonably practicable time within which to provide some other means of disposing of the...
34 페이지 - Now, I want to ask you if it is not a fact that the safety of a hedge depends upon a parity being maintained between the future price and the spot price ? Mr.
1 페이지 - That the following works of improvement of rivers, harbors,and other waterways are hereby adopted and authorized, to be prosecuted under the direction of the Secretary of War and supervision of the Chief of Engineers, in accordance with the plans recommended in the...
280 페이지 - US 405. On March 3, 1925, the Secretary of War, after that decree, enlarged the permit for a diversion not to exceed an annual average of 8,500 cubic feet per second, upon certain conditions hereafter to be noted. The amended bills herein averred that the Chicago diversion had lowered the levels of Lakes Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario, their connecting waterways, and of the St. Lawrence River above...
148 페이지 - The construction of the shipway from the Great Lakes to the sea is imperative both for the relief and for the future development of a vast area in the interior of the continent. Second. The shipway should be constructed on the St. Lawrence route, provided suitable agreement can be made for its joint undertaking with the Dominion of Canada.
10 페이지 - Congress, first session, and subject to the conditions set forth in said document.
111 페이지 - Harbors on the Mississippi River Between the Mouth of the Missouri River and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Main Report Volume I

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