Gothic Documents: A Sourcebook, 1700-1820

Research Fellow in English Emma Clery, E. J. Clery, Robert Miles
Manchester University Press, 2000 - 306페이지
In the 1790s, while across the Channel a political revolution raged, Britain was struck by a reading revolution, a taste for terror fiction that seemed to know no bounds. Ann Radcliffe and Monk Lewis were only the most celebrated of a host of writers purveying a new brand of Gothic literature. How is it that the age of Enlightenment gave rise to the genre of the literary ghost story? What did the term Gothic mean, when Horace Walpole used it in the subtitle of his experimental novel The Castle of Ontranto? How did a type of writing which broke all the rules of literary composition current at the time, gradually gain critical acceptance? What connections can be made between the aesthetic of terror and the terror of the French Revolution? What happened to Gothic after the decline of its popularity, during a period of political reaction?

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Gothic origins
Progress of the Scythians or Goths 1787
imagination originality terror

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