Nursing and the Privilege of Prescription, 1893-2000

Ohio State University Press, 2007 - 218페이지
"Andrew W. Keeling identifies and describes the informal and formal roles nurses have played over the course of the twentieth century in dispensing, furnishing, and prescribing medications." "The book is built around a series of case studies representing diverse geographic areas of the United States during different decades. The major thesis of Nursing and the Privilege of Prescription, 1893-2000 is that the amount of freedom nurses have had with regard to medications has been dependent on the particular setting in which they practiced, on individual practice negotiations between physicians and nurses at the grassroots level, and on the level of trust that developed between them. what is clear throughout this history is that the "elusive and fine line" between medicine and nursing is fluid, especially in times and places where nurses are particularly needed. Nursing and the Privilege of Prescription, 1893-2000 provides historical data that could inform health policy today."--BOOK JACKET.

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Midway between the Pharmacist and the Physician The Work of the Henry Street Settlement Visiting Nurses 18931944
Practicing Medicine without a License? Nurse Anesthetists 19001938
Providing Care in the Hoot Owl Hollers Nursing Medicine and the Law in the Frontier Nursing Service 19251950
My Treatment Was Castor Oil and Aspirin Field Nursing among the Navajo People in the Four Corners Region 19251955
Verbal Orders and Hospital Nursing Expanding Nurses Scope of Practice in the MidTwentieth Century
Nurse Practitioners and the Prescription Pad 19651980
Prescriptive Authority for Advanced Practice Nurses 19802000
Toward a More Equitable System of Health Care
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Arlene W. Keeling is the Centennial Distinguished Professor of Nursing, Director, the Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry, and Director, the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Virginia, School of Nursing.

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