Christianity in India: an Historical Narrative

Smith, Elder, 1859 - 522페이지

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496 페이지 - We declare it to be our royal will and pleasure that none be in any wise favoured, none molested or disquieted, by reason of their religious faith or observances, but that all shall alike enjoy the equal and impartial protection of the law...
216 페이지 - Tis in the advance of individual minds That the slow crowd should ground their expectation Eventually to follow ; as the sea Waits ages in its bed till some one wave Out of the multitudinous mass, extends The empire of the whole, some feet perhaps, Over the strip of sand which could confine Its fellows so long time : thenceforth the rest, Even to the meanest, hurry in at once, And so much is clear gained.
213 페이지 - I sat in the orchard and thought with sweet comfort and peace of my God, in solitude my Company, my Friend, and Comforter.
417 페이지 - First, that the interference of British functionaries in the interior management of native temples, in the customs, habits and religious proceedings of their priests and attendants, in the arrangement of their ceremonies, rites and festivals, and generally in the conduct of their interior economy, shall cease.
545 페이지 - We think the author's friends have shown sound judgment in publishing the ' Professor,' now that she is gone. ... It shows the first germs of conception, which afterwards expanded and ripened into the great creations of her imagination. At the same time her advisers were equally right when they counselled her not to publish it in her lifetime. . . . But it abounds in merits."— Saturday Review. " The idea is original, and we every here and there detect germs of that power which took the world by...
541 페이지 - Hunt's book . . . is, that he gives us the outpourings of a mind enriched with the most agreeable knowledge : there is not one page which does not glow with interest. It is a series of pictures from the life, representing scenes in which every inhabitant of the metropolis has an interest.
544 페이지 - The author has a pathetic vein, and there is a tender sweetness in the tone of her narration."— Leader. " It has the first requisite of a work meant to amuse: it is amusing.— Globe.
536 페이지 - TAULER'S LIFE AND SERMONS. Translated by Miss SUSANNA WINKWORTH. With a Preface by the Rev. CHARLES KINGSLEY. Small 4to, printed on Tinted Paper, and bound in Antique Style, with red edges, suitable for a Present. Price 7s.
209 페이지 - But let us hope that the sea-air may revive him ; and that change of place and pursuit may do him essential service, and continue his life many years. In all other respects, he is exactly the same as he was ; he shines in all the dignity of love, and seems to carry about him such a heavenly majesty as impresses the mind beyond description. But if he talks much, though in a low voice, he sinks, and you are reminded of his being
274 페이지 - Committee, that it is the duty of this country to promote the interest and happiness of the native inhabitants of the British dominions in India, and that such measures -ought to be adopted, as may tend to the introduction among them of useful knowledge, and of religious and moral improvement.

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