Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Common Pleas, and Other Courts: From Michaelmas Term, 48 Geo. III. 1807, to [Hilary Term, 59 Geo. III. 1819] Both Inclusive. With Tables of the Cases and Principal Matters, 4권


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948 페이지 - If an agreement be made, to let premifes fo long as both parties like, referving a compenfation, accruing de die in diem, and not referable to a year, or any aliquot part of a year, it does not create a holding from year to year, but a tenancy at -will,
809 페이지 - a lofs of 35 per cent, upon account The queftion for the opinion of the Court was, whether the Plaintiffs were entitled to recover from the Defendant the 44/.
456 페이지 - that becaufe men are foldiers they ceafe to be citizens ; a foldier is gifted with all the rights of other citizens, and is bound to all the duties of other citizens, and he is as much bound to prevent a breach of the peace or a felony as any other citizen. In 1780 this
139 페이지 - is evidence of a taking for a year. That is the old law, and I know not how it has ever come to be changed. The Courts have a great inclination to make every tenancy a holding from year to year, if they can find any foundation for it, but in this
426 페이지 - determine the privilege of this High Court of Parliament; for it is fo high and mighty in his nature, that it may make law, and, that is law, it may make no law ; and,
850 페이지 - to cover this fum, and leave a furplus for the payment of their bill. Mansfield CJ thought that the Defendant could not be permitted to retain, in derogation of her own contract with the Defendants, and the jury under his direction found a verdict for the Plaintiff for the amount of the bill, with liberty for the Defendant to move to enter a
37 페이지 - The queftion for the opinion of the Court •was, whether the Plaintiff was entitled to recover : if he was, the verdict was to
85 페이지 - think himfelf wronged by his captain, or other officer commanding the troop or company to which he belongs, he is to complain thereof to the commanding officer of the regiment, who is thereby required to
65 페이지 - further enacts, that all contracts, covenants, and agreements, made or entered into, or to be made or entered into, for payment of any intereft, rent, or other annual payment aforefaid, in full, without allowing fuch deduction as
432 페이지 - or any of them, may never be drawn into precedent for the future." If it be faid, that may be the entry on the Lords' Journals, but look to the opinion of the Judges of the Court of King's Bench; the anfwer is,

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