The London Theatre: A Collection of the Most Celebrated Dramatic Pieces, 8권

Whittingham and Arliss, 1815

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19 페이지 - Which served to keep her carcase from the cold : So there was nothing of a piece about her. Her lower weeds were all o'er coarsely patch'd , With diff'rent colour'd rags, black, red, white, yellow, And seem'd to speak variety of wretchedness.
29 페이지 - Almeria could -Revive, or raise, my people's voice has waken'd. 0 my Antonio, I am all on fire, My soul is up in arms, ready to charge And bear amidst the foe with conqu'ring troops. 1 hear 'em...
18 페이지 - And terror on my aching sight ; the tombs And monumental caves of death look cold, And shoot a chillness to my trembling heart. Give me thy hand, and let me hear thy voice, Nay, quickly speak to me, and let me hear Thy voice — my own affrights me with its echoes.
41 페이지 - Had nipp'd ; and with a careful, loving hand, Transplanted her into your own fair garden, Where the sun always shines: there long she...
11 페이지 - Chariots of war, adorn'd with glittering gems, Succeed ; and next, a hundred neighing steeds, White as the fleecy rain on Alpine hills ; That bound, and foam, and champ the golden bit, As they disdain'd the victory they grace.
20 페이지 - Oh, speak, Speak to it quickly, quickly; speak to me, Comfort me, help me, hold me, hide me, hide me, Leonora, in thy bosom, from the light, : And from my eyes ! Osm.
12 페이지 - Tag. Not directly, perhaps; but I may be the means of helping you to it; as for example If you should not like to marry the old man your aunt designs for you, one may find a way to break
20 페이지 - Let me not stir, nor breathe, lest I dissolve That tender, lovely form of painted air, So like Almeria. Ha! it sinks, it falls; I'll catch it ere it goes, and grasp her shade. Tislife! 'tis warm! 'tis she! 'tis she herself ! Nor dead nor shade, but breathing and alive!
45 페이지 - Couldst thou be Happy, with such a weight upon thy soul? Pol. It may be yet a secret : I'll go try To reconcile and bring Castalio to thee ; Whilst from the world I take myself away, And waste my life in penance for my sin.

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