Lalla Rookh

Gall & Inglis, 1859 - 172페이지

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88 페이지 - Go wing thy flight from star to star, '. From world to luminous world, as far " As the universe spreads its flaming wall ; " Take all the pleasures of all the spheres, " And multiply each through endless years, " One minute of Heaven is worth them all!
98 페이지 - Now, upon SYRIA'S land of roses Softly the light of eve reposes, And, like a glory, the broad sun Hangs over sainted LEBANON ; Whose head in wintry grandeur towers, And whitens with eternal sleet, While summer, in a vale of flowers, Is sleeping rosy at his feet.
94 페이지 - Some flow'rets of Eden ye still inherit, But the trail of the Serpent is over them all...
96 페이지 - That I can live, and let thee go, Who art my life itself? — No, no — When the stem dies, the leaf that grew Out of its heart must perish too ! Then turn to me, my own love, turn, Before like thee I fade and burn ; Cling to these yet cool lips, and share The last pure life that lingers there...
94 페이지 - No voice, well known through many a day, To speak the last, the parting word, Which, when all other sounds decay, Is still like distant music heard. That tender farewell on the shore Of this rude world, when all is o'er, Which cheers the spirit, ere its bark Puts off into the unknown dark.
91 페이지 - Be this," she cried, as she wing'd her flight, "My welcome gift at the Gates of Light. Though foul are the drops that oft distil On the field of warfare, blood like this, For Liberty shed, so holy is, It would not stain the purest rill, That sparkles among the Bowers of Bliss...
101 페이지 - Syria's thousand minarets ! The boy has started from the bed Of flowers where he had laid his head, And down upon the fragrant sod Kneels, with his forehead to the south, Lisping th...
87 페이지 - Mid flowers that never shall fade or fall: Though mine are the gardens of earth and sea, And the stars themselves have flowers for me, One blossom of heaven outblooms them all!
149 페이지 - Whose liquid flame is born of them ! When, 'stead of one unchanging breeze, There blow a thousand gentle airs, And each a different perfume bears, As if the loveliest plants and trees Had vassal breezes of their own To watch and wait on them alone, And waft no other breath than theirs : When the blue waters rise and fall, In sleepy sunshine mantling all ; And even that swell the tempest leaves Is like the full and silent heaves Of lovers' hearts when newly blest, Too newly to be quite at rest.
120 페이지 - Playful she turned, that he might see The passing smile her cheek put on ; But when she marked how mournfully His eyes met hers, that smile was gone ; And, bursting into heartfelt tears, 'Yes, yes...

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