Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor, 17권

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1902

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390 페이지 - The party of the second part in consideration of the premises, hereby covenants and agrees to and with...
203 페이지 - ... of a school or schools for industrial education, it shall be the duty of the said governor to cause to be drawn, by warrant of the comptroller, approved by himself, out of any moneys in the state treasury not otherwise appropriated, an amount equal to...
203 페이지 - ... as aforesaid, there shall be annually contributed by the State in manner aforesaid, for the maintenance and support thereof, a sum of money equal to that contributed each year, in said locality for such purpose ; provided...
455 페이지 - ... institutions for the adjustment of disputes between members of a guild, for which purpose several guilds may unite; (4) to further the creation of and themselves to establish and maintain trade schools; (5) to care for sick employees through the creation of new or the support of existing sick funds; (6) to care for sick apprentices, and (7) to prepare an annual report of the work of the guild which may be of use in the preparation of trade statistics. In addition to this regular report, guilds...
389 페이지 - Lost time shall be made up before the expiration of each year, at the rate of wages paid during said year, and no year of service shall commence till after all lost time by the apprentice in the preceding year shall have been fully made up.
900 페이지 - ... apprenticeship, and the establishment and maintenance of relief funds for their members. Though many years of agitation accompanied the movement in Germany, the agitation was not productive of any results until 1881. While failing to establish the principle of compulsory guilds, the law of July of that year gave voluntary guilds a privileged position.
899 페이지 - ... purely private contract. At the same time the Government was not ready to introduce a system for the official examination and regulation of apprentices. The law therefore defined anew the duties and rights of guilds and assigned to them the care of the interests of their trades, the regulation of apprenticeship, and the establishment and maintenance of relief funds for their members.
141 페이지 - By the terms of the by-laws, at least three-fourths of the trustees must be "persons actually engaged in or connected with textile or kindred manufactures.
249 페이지 - The instruction of artisans in drawing, painting, modeling and designing so that they may successfully apply the principles of art to the requirements of trade and manufacture.
906 페이지 - The organization of the teaching force and of the programme of instruction is such as would be expected of an institution supported by persons actually engaged in the work taught. For the most part the instruction is given by members of the guild who are willing to sacrifice a certain portion of time from their work for this purpose. The instructors of drawing, however, must have a more careful technical training. As regards the instruction given, everything is subordinated to making it a,s practical...

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