New York Annotated Cases: Selected from the Current Decisions of the New York Courts, 4권

Diossy Law Book Company, 1898

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286 페이지 - From the commencement of an action or special proceeding, or the service of an answer containing a counterclaim, the attorney who appears for a party has a lien upon his client's cause of action, claim or counterclaim, which attaches to a verdict, report, decision, judgment or final order In his client's favor and the proceeds thereof in whosoever hands they may come; and the lien cannot be affected by any settlement between the parties before or after Judgment or final order.
77 페이지 - An action against a foreign corporation may be maintained by another foreign corporation, or by a non-resident, in one of the following cases only...
135 페이지 - The question presented here is whether the will of the testatrix could not, within the meaning of the statute, "be proved without the testimony" of the witness Margaret A. Weldon. The will, in fact, was proved without the testimony of that witness. She was a resident of the State of New York at the time the testatrix died.
224 페이지 - Upon an appeal from a judgment or an order, the appellate division of the supreme court or general term, to which the appeal is taken, may reverse or affirm, wholly or partly, or may modify, the judgment or order appealed from...
258 페이지 - Bronx in said city, in the office of the register of the city and county of New York.
180 페이지 - ... commenced within one year after the cause of action therefor shall have accrued...
255 페이지 - There shall be at least two attesting witnesses, each of whom shall sign his name as a witness, at the end of the will, at the request of the testator.
4 페이지 - In all cases where a man has a temporal loss or damage by the wrong of another, he may have an action upon the case to be repaired in damages.
332 페이지 - ... association, issuing bank notes or any kind of paper credits, to circulate as money; or by or against a receiver of such a corporation or association.
150 페이지 - In that case, after the plaintiff rested, the defendant moved to dismiss the complaint on the ground that the plaintiff had failed to prove facts sufficient to constitute a cause of action.

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