The Naval War of 1812: Or, The History of the United States Navy During the Last War with Great Britain, 1권

G. P. Putnam's sons, 1882 - 498페이지

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232 페이지 - His inferiority in long guns placed Yeo at a great disadvantage in such a very light wind; but in his letter he makes a marvellous admission of how little able he was to make good use of even what he had. He says: "I found it impossible to bring them to close action. We remained in this mortifying situation five hours, having only six guns in all the squadron that would reach the enemy (not a carronade being fired).
285 페이지 - ... rows of wounded men waiting for them, and when it was proposed to him that he should be attended to out of order, he replied: "No, doctor, none of that; fair play's a jewel. One man's life is as dear as another's; I would not cheat any poor fellow out of his turn.
381 페이지 - ... kept going higher and higher and doing less and less damage. Very shortly after the beginning of the action her gallant captain was slain. He was standing behind one of the long guns when a shot from the Saratoga struck it and threw it completely off the carriage against his right groin, killing him almost instantly. His skin was not broken ; a black mark, about the size of a small plate, was the only visible injury. His watch was found flattened, with its hands pointing to the very second at...
486 페이지 - English edition, with an American Supplement, containing about 200 additional pages, including American Topics and a copious Biographical Index. By GP PUTNAM, AM In one very large volume of more than 1,000 pages.
352 페이지 - I shall afford every assistance in my power to co-operate with the army whenever it can be done without losing sight of the great object for the attainment of which this fleet has been created, — the capture or destruction of the enemy's fleet. But that I consider the primary object. * * * We are intended to seek and fight the enemy's fleet, and I shall not be diverted from my efforts to effectuate it by any sinister attempt to render us subordinate to, or an appendage of, the army.
291 페이지 - The defense of the Essex, taking into consideration our superiority of force, the very discouraging circumstance of her having lost her main-top-mast, and being twice on fire, did honor to her brave defenders, and most fully evinced the courage of Captain Porter, and those under his command. Her colours were not struck, until the loss in killed and wounded was so awfully great, and her shattered condition so seriously bad, as to render further resistance unavailing.
172 페이지 - ... his full-dress uniform and commanding stature, was shot down, as the vessels closed, by Lieutenant Law of the British marines. He fell dying, and was carried below, exclaiming : " Don't give up the ship " — a phrase that has since become proverbial among his countrymen.
105 페이지 - As a display of courage the character of the service was nobly upheld, but we would be deceiving ourselves were we to admit that the comparative expertness of the crews in gunnery was equally satisfactory. Now, taking the difference of effect as given by Captain Carden, we must draw this conclusion — that the comparative loss in killed and wounded (104 to 12), together with the dreadful account he gives of the condition of his own ship, while he admits that the enemy's vessel was in comparatively...
443 페이지 - ... the remainder shall be esteemed the just length of the keel to find the tonnage ; and the breadth shall be taken from outside to outside of the plank, in the broadest part of the ship...
386 페이지 - ... and it was solely owing to his foresight and resource that we won the victory. He forced the British to engage at a disadvantage by his excellent choice of position ; and he prepared beforehand for every possible contingency. His personal prowess had already been...

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