Transactions of the Bombay Geographical Society ..., 11권

The Society, 1854
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74 페이지 - the principal commercial depot on the coast of Arabia. This town is constructed on a narrow rocky point projecting about half a mile into the sea, with a bay on each side of it; the Nakib's house, in lat. 14°
66 페이지 - constantly providing this singular article of trade, which is purchased at a high price by agriculturists. A vessel may pass in any direction to or from this island without the slightest apprehension of danger, yet I would not approach within 300 yards, having twenty fathoms all around. Between it and
62 페이지 - was also discovered. I will not attempt to draw any final conclusions regarding the period in which a city flourished here, nor venture an opinion concerning the supposed unknown character of the writings (a copy having been sent to those so competent to pronounce a correct decision upon them,)
61 페이지 - that a narrow pathway cut in the rock led to the summit, and as no difficulty ever deterred them from pursuing an object attended by the remotest prospect of accomplishment, they forthwith climbed the weary way, and found thereby the ruin I have before compared with that of
63 페이지 - to protect the harbour on its eastern side, independently of the town beneath, •which (judging from the size and extent of the ruins,) must have been considerable. Its position, too, equally served to render it a sea-port of immense consequence, and the citadel
100 페이지 - less allied to granite. It is rocky all round, with the exception of a sandy nook to the eastward of the NW point in which we were able to secure our boats. The highest peak is 550 feet above
104 페이지 - have collected, as well as to obtain a large portion of whatever money they may have received in exchange for their fish. In return they are frequently rewarded with a little tobacco, dates and coarse cloths> the liberality of the donors generally being limited by the amount of. tribute they may have succeeded in exacting.
iv 페이지 - It may be said that even supposing nature had originally produced the metal here in great abundance, yet the fact of a dense population having been settled in the land from the earliest ages is against the probability of any large amount of the metal having been left in the ground. If, however, this indeed
101 페이지 - of the Curia Muria Islands, being 7f miles long by 4£ broad, and nearly 20 nautical miles in circumference; It is composed almost entirely of different coloured granite and limestone, is mountainous and entirely barren; indeed, on its western side scarcely a bush was perceptible, but on its eastern face we found
101 페이지 - goats, Wood is a scarce article, the largest and in fact only tree being the tamarisk. We found three wells of indifferent water, and a fourth for our own consumption, which the inhabitants immediately designated as the "Bir Inkiliz." In the vicinity of the best well on the northern side and about

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